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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » How to wake up without an alarm clock

How to wake up without an alarm clock

02 May 2023, 11:00, parser
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alarm clock, how to get enough sleep, how to wake up without an alarm clock, alarm clock ringingSleep is a frequent topic when it comes to productivity. Many people who have achieved success say that they start working early in the morning. Then their efficiency and efficiency are higher. But how to get up not by the alarm clock, but by yourself?

Get into the rhythm

1. Determine the time when you need to wake up most days of the week. Make it your goal.

2. Set the alarm for this time. Our body adapts to cycles. By training to get up at the same time, you create a daily rhythm to which the body will adapt.

3. Determine how much time you need to sleep. Depending on your age, you probably need from 7 to 10 hours every night (by the way, Napoleon claimed that a fool needs 8 hours of sleep, 6 for a woman, and 4 for a man).

4. Go to bed at approximately the same time every day

5. Get rid of the alarm clock. At least after a week of observing the sleep regime (falling asleep, waking up), you can refuse an alarm clock.

Use your senses

Study the environment in which you sleep and try to get rid of external stimuli

  • light
  • noise (if there is a busy highway outside the window, you should think about buying improved double-glazed windows)
  • temperature
  • smell :)
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