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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » Are you experiencing "Monday Syndrome"?

Are you experiencing "Monday Syndrome"?

02 May 2023, 10:59, parser
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Our reader Alex Beep has sent a translation of an interesting article on how to start your morning properly. Thank you, Alex!

It has long been known that the way you start your day sets the tone for the whole day. If you start it sluggish and drooping – this is how you will spend it all. But it is worth making small preparations, as you will feel that every new day brings you only joy, no matter what difficult life situation you find yourself in.

Here they are, some useful tips that will help you smoothly integrate into a new day, regardless of what is happening:

Wake up early. For many, this sounds like a verdict, but it will be much better for the body if you lie in bed for a few minutes (but do not exaggerate this time), and then calmly get up. With a sharp rise from sleep, a large amount of adrenaline is released into the blood, provoking aggression and increased nervousness, but it quickly evaporates, risking leaving you sluggish and incapacitated for the whole day. Estimate how much time you need to be ready without too much haste and add 20-30 minutes. If you feel more tired by the end of the day, teach yourself to go to bed a little earlier, this will help you gain additional points in the fight against the "Monday syndrome".

Determine a special order of actions that you need to do every morning so as not to overload the brain with unnecessary thoughts – it's easy to learn how to do mandatory morning routines on the machine, especially if you are not a "lark". This way you guarantee yourself that the minimum set of actions to prepare yourself for the new day will always be ready.

Always have breakfast. It is not recommended to overeat at breakfast, do not eat sweet and fatty, breakfast should be dense, but not gluttonous.

I repeat once again: breakfast should not contain a lot of sweets or consist entirely of it. Sweets affect the body like drugs, but being carbohydrates, they begin to disintegrate already in the mouth and after a couple of hours you will already want to eat

Plan your way with a small margin so that a sudden congestion could not put you in an unpleasant position, especially when it happens on the day of an important meeting, etc.

In fact, if you move around the city in the morning and in the evening by car, I recommend that you have a GPS navigator with you to calculate additional routes of movement, as well as to know additional stops and transport routes if you are not traveling by your vehicle

Upon arrival at work, perform some ritual that will gently switch you to the desired frequency – greet colleagues, drink a cup of tea, remove unnecessary papers from the table, something that is not directly related to work, but around it.

Take 10 minutes to prioritize your to-do list for the current day. The worst thing is when the day is already over, and instead of the key things all day you were doing secondary ones.

Follow the plan the tougher the better, put new tasks on the stack or switch to them with their small labor input BETWEEN the current tasks.

Never postpone the most difficult and urgent things "for later". If you can't prioritize tasks, do the most labor-intensive ones first.

Remember, the most important thing is a soft start. Do not imply and do not think that a new day is like falling from a ship into the open ocean and you immediately need to row the harder the better. Imagine that you go down to the pool by the handrails of the stairs – this will be a more competent comparison. Distributing your efforts will help you move at a constant speed throughout the day.

Give yourself two weeks to work out the best schemes and rituals to start your day. Try different combinations and the order of actions and find the most suitable for you. After the best ways have been found, fix it for a few days and forget about the chaos that haunted you in the morning. You will be surprised and delighted with what you are doing.

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