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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » 3 ways to make Friday as productive as possible

3 ways to make Friday as productive as possible

11 Jun 2023, 12:00, parser
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For most people, Friday is definitely not the most productive day. Most often, after lunch, if not earlier, we switch to rest mode. But if we work on Fridays, there is no reason to sit and look at the clock, waiting for the weekend to start. By doing just three things, you can end the working week productively and feel better.

1. Plan for the next week

Starting something new on a Friday afternoon is difficult, but it's a good time to think about what you'll do next. You don't have to spend part of the weekend planning and worrying about the fact that Monday is coming soon, and there is no plan.

Every Friday, take a few minutes to reflect on the upcoming week. Make a short list of priorities in three categories: career, relationships, personal. Such a distribution will remind you that you need to devote time to cases from each category, and will allow you to balance different spheres of life.

Think about what you would like to achieve in all three categories by the end of the week and when you could do it. Then look at what's already on your calendar and add new tasks. Now you can finish the week with confidence that you have everything under control.

2. Don't overload the schedule

Try not to schedule important meetings and events for Friday. It is better to leave this day of the week in your work calendar as empty as possible.

People who master time management make a flexible schedule. And there must be free space in it. Then, if something unexpected happens from Monday to Thursday or new tasks appear, you will have time to do it. For example, on Friday.

Or, if something urgent disrupts the planned course of events at the beginning of the week, on Friday you will be able to devote time to important matters. And you won't have to postpone them to next week, because she will have her own force majeure.

3. Perform small tasks

We often do non-urgent things when we procrastinate in the hope of delaying the start of work on large and complex projects. But it's better to save the little things for Friday and do them in one fell swoop.

Make a list of small tasks, for example, fill out work documents, make an appointment with a doctor or pay bills, replenish it during the week and do everything on Friday. This will allow the rest of the days to focus on projects that require a deeper immersion in the work.

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