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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » 9 simple lists that will help you become more productive

9 simple lists that will help you become more productive

29 May 2023, 13:55, parser
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1. List of "not to do"

The method is described by D. Ros. Don't do it. Time management for creative people in Donald Rosa's book "Don't Do It. Time management for creative people". It helps to catch the main thing and understand which things are really important and which can be postponed. All tasks need to be divided into three lists: cases, completed cases and not cases.

The peculiarity is that only three items can be added to the first column — those that you consider the most important or urgent. The rest of the classes are temporarily on the to-do list.

The completed task from the first column should be moved to the list of completed tasks. And then there will be room in the to-do list for a new task that can be moved there from the third group.

2. Running list

It allows you to visually see all the tasks, plans and goals that you have set for yourself for the week on one page of the diary. The method is mainly used by the owners of the Bullet Journal, but any notebook (preferably in a box) is suitable for a running list.

It is necessary to divide the page into two columns. In one there will be days of the week, in the other — business. At the intersection of the task and the day of the week on which it needs to be completed, you draw an empty square. If the job is done, the cell needs to be shaded.

If you have moved the task, draw an arrow in the square, and then draw a new empty square on the corresponding date. Mark the task that you no longer plan to perform with a cross. When the task is not completed to the end, you shade half of the cell.

As a rule, the running list itself takes up one page for a week. The second one can be used to write down goals for the next seven days or draw a habit tracker. More details are shown in the video.

3. List of goals for 90 days

Some experts on personal efficiency and productivity consider Ditch the annual goals and adopt 90-day plans / Talbott Talent that goals should be set for exactly three months, and not for a year, as many do. This way you will have more chances not to lose motivation and achieve what you want.

Plan things out in detail for the next 90 days and keep this list handy so as not to forget what is important to you, where you are going and what you want to achieve.

4. List of dreams

Even the most insane and, at first glance, impossible. Firstly, it will help you to listen to yourself and better understand your real desires and needs. Secondly, in a few years you will look at this list and see that dreams come true, sometimes in the most unexpected way. And this is very inspiring.

5. List of mantras

Of course, this is not about Indian mantras, but rather about mottos or affirmations — phrases that inspire and support you. For example: "I'm doing exactly as much as I can, and as well as I can at the moment." Or "I may fail, but that's no reason not to try. In any case, I will take valuable experience out of this story."

You can also add inspirational quotes from books or movies and in general any thoughts that help you move forward and feel better. It will be useful to look at such a list, especially if you are depressed and have lost motivation.

6. List of things done

Usually we just cross out completed cases and forget about them. And you can collect them in a separate list. This way you will see how much you are actually doing, and you will be filled with motivation for new achievements.

You can also keep a list of books you've read, movies you've watched, events you've visited, countries you've traveled around, and so on.

7. List of deadlines

As a rule, we set deadlines when we write down goals or tasks. But you can additionally make a list of all cases that have deadlines, and in chronological order. It will definitely help you not to forget about anything and distribute the load correctly.

This list is mainly useful for those who keep notebooks and diaries on paper. Because for fans of electronic planners, the calendar will remind you of all important things anyway.

8. List of thanks

Just list all the events, things and achievements for which you are grateful to yourself, your loved ones, colleagues and acquaintances, a lucky coincidence. And don't forget to add to this list. As the research says Giving thanks can make you happier / Harvard Health Publishing , gratitude practices increase the level of happiness, make us more optimistic, active and motivated.

9. List of things that make you happy

They also help to restore strength and cope with stress. Such a list can be used to take care of yourself in difficult times. It can include sports, recreation, massage, meditation, delicious food, books and TV shows, written practices, spa treatments and anything else, as long as it really pleases you. Keep the list handy, and if you have a hard day, choose an activity that will help you relax and feel better.

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