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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » Pay utility bills in Russia and Ukraine from home

Pay utility bills in Russia and Ukraine from home

08 May 2023, 07:27, parser
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Today, hardly anyone will be surprised by a plastic bank card, but not everyone still realizes that it allows you to get rid of the problems associated with queues for utility bills (if you are lucky, of course). But those who earn "electronic" money know exactly how they can be "taken out" of the system by paying for the Network, the phone, and even electricity with a rent in addition.

365 of 2009_ Paying Bills by faithdesired-1


I would single out three main ways to pay utility bills without leaving home:

  • Your "native" Internet bank
  • "Electronic money"
  • Universal payment systems (terminals)

Yes, I didn't make a reservation, now payment terminals are located no further than your browser window, but more on that later. The main thing that I would like to note at the beginning is that all methods have both strengths and weaknesses, and it is worth choosing, simply taking into account all the factors in each case.

Your "native" Internet bank This is a good option if such a service is provided by your bank. Usually payments are fast and the commission for them is either completely absent or minimal. But, as it is clear, it is not universal.

"Electronic money" You can use an electronic money system, for example, Webmoney or Yandex.Money to pay for almost anything. If you earn them, it will obviously be the most convenient way for you. If you do not receive such payments, you can top up your balance in a variety of ways, including transferring money from your plastic card account. But in this case, there are unavoidable overhead costs for conversion, which are added to the usual commission for payment. Here I would probably recommend Yandex.Money as a reliable system that works not only in Moscow, but also in the regions. payments Universal payment systems (terminals) If you just have a payment card and you need to pay for something that cannot be paid via Internet banking, and besides, you are unlucky to have a card of a partner bank of the electronic money system, then do not despair, you can call a payment terminal to your home and pay for almost anything with Visa or Mastercard. I would call e-Pos one of the most developed in this field.

mosenergo - epos
Mosenergo payment window

In any case, you need to be prepared for the commission, but at the same time it is not so large and is well worth the amenities that you have been provided. The only thing that can confuse you is the need to share information about your credit card with a third party without knowing how decent it is. Here I would advise everyone to activate the SMS notification service in order to be aware of operations with your card. If your bank does not provide such a service, feel free to change such a bank.


In Ukraine, the easiest way to pay utility bills, Internet, telephone, cable TV, insurance payments and much more is the Portmone system.

For just UAH 9.90 per month, the system will connect an active payment card and allow you to stop going to the savings bank or another bank to pay utility bills. I am currently paying the bills of GIVC, Volya, Ukrtelekom, as well as mobile and Internet from Beeline.

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