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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » GTD Cheat Sheet: all tools and techniques in one place

GTD Cheat Sheet: all tools and techniques in one place

05 May 2023, 12:25, parser
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We write a lot about programs and ways to use them to the maximum benefit for you, but the main thing in this is the ability to do something more efficiently than it was before getting acquainted with the program or approach. In order to help you understand the long list of everything we recommended on the topic of GTD, we decided to publish a mini-map with links to notes.

It all started, of course, with David Allen's book "How to Deal with things" (Getting things done), but it didn't end there, the enthusiasm with which the system was adopted gave rise to a lot of interpreters, as well as all sorts of modifications of the system, like Do it tomorrow. I would advise you to get acquainted with the original book, and then, as a contrast, read about the most recent case management system "Auto–focus".

If we consider services and programs, then both advantages and disadvantages of both approaches are obvious. Fans of standalone software can already boast of «wearable» versions of programs that fit on a USB stick, and fans of the web boast that their applications start working without a network connection.

If we consider those tools that we wrote about, we will get such a list:

  • GTDTiddlyWiki is a simple and convenient system that anyone can handle, because it's a Wiki!
  • iGTD is the most popular program for Mac OS. She embodies the «classic» style.
  • vitalist is an elegant Web implementation that supports not only a computer, but also an iPhone, and what's there — and just a mobile phone.
  • Remember The Milk — is one of the most revered web services of the entire Network, deservedly enjoys the fame of the best system for working with to-do lists.
  • Gmail Tasks — simple lists can also be a powerful help, especially if you consider their integration with Gmail, and a special implementation for the iPhone.
  • Gmail itself — a lot of possible inbox and rules — and in front of you is a ready-made GTD system available always and from everywhere.
  • Todoist is interesting for integration with GMail, Firefox and Quicksilver.
  • Thinking Rock is good for its cross-platform nature.
  • Things— favorite Mac OS app, the quintessence of elegance.

To properly assess whether the program is suitable for you, look at whether it helps you concentrate on the current task, whether it is easy enough to learn and support so as not to scare away, whether it allows you to identify errors, and whether it helps to perform routine, but necessary tasks that you are so drawn to postpone for later.

And in general, it is not so important whether you turn your mailbox into a GTD system, or it will be paper or even a Windows desktop. Just try to follow the basic principles:

  • We need to fix everything
  • It is worth analyzing the received/recorded methodically
  • You only need to do one task at a time
  • And you should definitely get rid of unnecessary

We will always be happy to help you organize your work and you can easily find all new and old entries on this topic using the tag – Getting Things Done.

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