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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » 15 best videos with a burning fireplace for a cozy holiday

15 best videos with a burning fireplace for a cozy holiday

28 May 2023, 00:00, parser
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For fans of traditional fireplaces

Classic hearth with crackling wood

A ten-hour version of firewood burning in the furnace. Close-up and without musical accompaniment. Only the noise of the flames and the crackling of the logs engaged. Maximum naturalness.

Fireplace with firewood in 4K without music

Another version of a simple element of home comfort. Quietly burning firewood in 4K resolution. There is no additional lighting, so with the lights off it will look very realistic.

Decorated fireplace with a Christmas tree

A beautifully decorated room in a country house with an elegant mantelpiece, and a slide of gifts. A Christmas tree, a cozy sofa and an armchair with blankets, candles and a burning hearth.

Burning logs in 4K

A traditional fireplace in which the firewood is just being engaged. The flame, crackling, becomes stronger, and the logs burn for half an hour, completely burning out at the end of the video. No editing and special effects.

Fireplace with small firewood burning to quiet music

A beautiful hearth with brickwork and a pile of small firewood, comfortably burning for about two hours under pleasant, relaxing melodies on the piano. The video was shot in 4K — turn off the light, and the fireplace seems to be in your room.

Firewood burning to classical Christmas carols

A two-hour video from Warner Brothers, in which large logs burn in a large brick fireplace to the iconic Christmas songs. The heat is bursting under the grate, a pile of ashes has already gathered in the foreground, and it seems that if you stretch out your hand, you can feel a pleasant warmth.

Disney fireplace with Christmas tree and gifts

The official version of the Christmas hearth from Disney with a reference to "Toy Story". There is wood burning in the fireplace, and next to the decorated Christmas tree there is a whole bunch of gifts waiting for the children to wake up and unpack them.

For animal lovers

Hearth Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

A three-hour video of a room with Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree and gift boxes. In the center is not a fireplace, but a happy cat and dog, who are warming themselves in front of the fire, comfortably sitting on a soft couch. And all this to the instrumental Christmas classics.

Lil bab by the fireplace

A video filled with a charge of sweetness, in which the famous cat Lil Bab, famous all over the Internet for her unusual appearance, is dozing in front of a burning fireplace. She obviously likes it, and she purrs for an hour. There are many more such videos on the Lil BUB channel.

Bulldog by the fireplace

A cozy hour-long video with a cute dog who sprawled in his favorite place in front of the fire. The dog nibbles a large sugar bone, and then gets tired and falls asleep to the noise of the flame and the soft crackling of burning logs.

For people with a good sense of humor

Nick Offerman drinks whiskey by the fireplace

A monumental video with the famous comedian Nick Offerman, who is well known to many of us from memes. For ten whole hours he sits calmly in an armchair next to the fireplace, drinks whiskey and, sighing, gazes intently into your eyes.

Burning Darth Vader

In the film, the scene with the burning of the deceased Sith Lord took less than a minute, but devoted fans made a five-hour video of it and added a new soundtrack. Now it can be used instead of traditional rollers with a burning fireplace.

The Burning Eye of Sauron

Fans "The Lord of the Rings " also did not stand aside and built a similar video with the Eye of Sauron, whose heat, as you know, is hotter than any fireplace. For five whole hours, the Lord of Terror will look at you from the screen to the sounds of crackling fire.

Rick and Morty's fireplace

The heroes of the popular TV series chill by the burning fireplace, sitting in cozy armchairs, and watching Interuniverse cable. Fluffy snow is falling quietly outside the window, there are two whole Christmas trees in the room. All you hear is the meditative crackling of the firewood, which is occasionally interrupted by Rick's burps, and the clicks of the remote control buttons in Morty's hand when switching channels.


The first ever video with a burning fireplace

And finally, the very first such video, from which everything began. It was broadcast by the New York TV channel WPIX for an hour and a half on Christmas Eve in 1966. The usual broadcast network was suspended, and the recording of the burning hearth became a kind of gift of the TV channel for viewers.

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