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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » How to make meetings productive

How to make meetings productive

05 May 2023, 10:44, parser
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Anyone who works in a large enough company knows that all sorts of meetings can take too much precious time. How to hold meetings so that they are productive and effective. 

  • the agenda should be clear
    What will you discuss? Do you need new ideas or do you want to discuss old ones? Prepare the agenda in advance and follow it.
  • invite only really necessary participants
    This will eliminate a lot of delays and white noise.
  • announce the goals of the meeting
    What do you want to leave the meeting room with? I am sure that more often than not with the satisfaction of a good discussion. We need a result.
  • prepare participants in advance
    If the topic is difficult enough for a short meeting, distribute the materials for it in advance. If the participants will perform, all the more so they should come prepared.
  • make the meeting short
    You can do this in various well-known ways: regulations, time-boxing, leading…
  • write down key remarks and decisions
    It doesn't matter how to record it, it can be either a piece of paper with a crooked handwriting or a dictaphone. It is important that the information is not lost, you use it, and the solutions are communicated to all interested.
  • create a list of tasks and assign them
    Each meeting should end with a list of tasks that need to be completed, otherwise why was all this necessary?
  • track the execution and report on its progress
    This no longer applies directly to meetings, but regular monitoring of the progress of tasks will encourage participants to take a more serious approach to future meetings and not waste either their or your time.

8 Ways to Avoid Unproductive Meetings [ Jay White ]

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