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About Everything Wiki » Photography » The best pictures of Mars taken by Curiosity

The best pictures of Mars taken by Curiosity

19 Jan 2024, 00:03, parser
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On the sixth of August 2012, the Curiosity rover landed on the surface of Mars. He was supposed not only to study the climate and geology of the Red Planet, but also to help answer an important question: could life once have existed on it?

Throughout its work, Curiosity has made many interesting discoveries: for example, it found Background levels of methane in Mars’ atmosphere show strong seasonal variations the source of methane in the soil, identified Organic matter preserved in 3-billion-year-old mudstones at Gale crater, Mars the age of organic matter on the planet and discovered Mars Rover Curiosity Examines Possible Mud Cracks mud cracks left after streams of water dry up. He even managed to survive Curiosity Tests a New Way to Drill on Mars the failure of the drill, with which the rover took soil analyses, and withstand Martian Dust Storm Grows Global; Curiosity Captures Photos of Thickening Haze a dust storm that continues to this day.

Although Curiosity's service life was designed for about two Earth years (one Martian), as a result, it almost tripled its planned life. Perhaps he will even wait for the arrival of the "replacement" Next Mars Rover Will Have 23 ‘Eyes’ . We have collected the best pictures taken by the rover's cameras.

1. Mount Aeolida (Mount Sharp), the central peak of Gale Crater

2. This is how Curiosity sees its undercarriage

3. Bagnold Dunes in the foothills of the Aeolid

4. Curiosity manipulator

5. Traces of erosion on Vera Rubin Ridge (Mount Aeolida)

6. Curiosity leaves a trail on the surface of Mars

7. Panorama of Gale Crater, where Curiosity landed

8. A dust vortex passes over the surface of a sand dune

9. Dunes on Mars

10. Foothills of the Aeolid

11. Mineral veins on the slopes of the Aeolid

12. A picture taken using special filters reveals the presence of minerals

13. Strata at the foot of the Aeolid

14. The sloping slope of the Murray Highlands

15. The mineral-streaked "Garden City" on the Aeolid

16. Panoramic view of the Naukluft plateau, located in the lower zone of the Aeolid

17. Table Mountains in the Murray Highlands

18. The horizontal stratification of the rocks indicates that liquid water once flowed here

19. Cracks on the stone slab are most likely left by dried mud

20. Sunset visible from Gale Crater

21. Another area of mud cracks, possibly left by Martian water

22. Geological layers are visible in the foothills of the Aeolid, which Curiosity intends to study

23. The five-meter-high Ayrson Hill rises on the lower slope of the Aeolid

24. Selfies that Curiosity took shortly after arriving on Mars (left) and 6 years later (right)

Not only the rover itself has changed, but also the environment around it — because of the dust storm that engulfed almost the entire Mars.

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