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About Everything Wiki » Photography » 5 impressive photolife hacks in 5 minutes

5 impressive photolife hacks in 5 minutes

03 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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It is not necessary to have expensive professional equipment to make excellent shots and videos with special effects. Just a few minutes and the simplest items that are at hand in every home are enough.

South African photographer Sheldon Evans shared five brilliant life hacks that will help you save shooting time and get a very decent result.

1. Softbox from a plastic bag

To get soft diffused light, an ordinary white cellophane bag is enough. Shake it to fill the bag with air, tie the handles and give the desired shape. The improvised softbox is ready!

2. Towel slider

If you haven't managed to get a special slider for tripod yet, this is no reason not to shoot cool videos. Spread a towel on the table, put the camera on it and pull the towel in the right direction. We hope you have a towel?

3. Imitation of the bokeh effect in macro photography

Everything is quite simple here: we find a ready-made photo with the bokeh effect on the Web, place the subject in front of it and take pictures.

4. CD for glare effect

In order not to waste time applying filters with glare when processing photos, add glare immediately when shooting. To do this, place a CD under the lens and let them have a few sunbeams.

5. The effect of the illuminated film

The fashionable effect of an old film photo with a lighted corner is achieved with a match lit in front of the lens. Careful, don't burn down the camera! By the way, in order not to burn your fingers, you can replace a match with a candle.

See how Sheldon Evans himself uses these life hacks.

These little tricks will allow you not to carry a bunch of equipment with you to shoot, which is especially valuable if you are a traveling photographer. In addition, as you can see, they are so elementary that even a beginner can cope.

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