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About Everything Wiki » Photography » How to look good in photos

How to look good in photos

03 May 2023, 07:09, parser
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1. More practice

No matter how much you rehearse poses, a look, a smile and a turn of the head in front of the mirror, everything will look different in the pictures. Therefore, it is better to take more photos, and then analyze the result and draw conclusions. Pay attention to the stars and models: they have only two or three successful angles in their arsenal, in which they appear on the pages of glossy publications.

2. Remove the voltage

No need to strain, trying to make the eyes as big and expressive as possible — this will make them look like saucers, and the face will look petrified. Try to relax. Smile not at the camera lens, but at the person behind it. And there is also such a trick: turn away, create a mood and turn sharply to the photographer.

3. Comfort is above all

Headache, hunger, chagrin because of the hole in the sock — all these emotions will appear in the photo. Therefore, if you have an official photo shoot planned, it is better to prepare carefully for it, and if the photo is spontaneous, try to throw all worries out of your head at least for a minute.

4. It is necessary to blink in time

Closed, "half—drunk" eyes are not uncommon. To avoid this, try blinking just before the shutter clicks — in the photo, the eyes will shine in all their glory.

5. Draw the face correctly

Almost every girl eventually picks up the perfect makeup option for herself. For a good photo, it should be brighter than the usual daytime, but not too provocative. And be careful with mother—of-pearl - in amateur photos it may look like greasy shine, bruises and other flaws.

6. Break up without regret!

Send the pictures you don't like to the trash immediately! Why keep something that will never please you? Although it is possible that in five years you will be less critical of your image.

7. Pleasant thoughts

As they say, if you have become like a passport photo, then it's time for you to go on vacation. Usually we turn out to be the most ridiculous in official photos. You can't change the lighting, you won't turn in profile and you won't stand up in half a turn. But there is a trick here too: try to remember something good - then your eyes will sparkle and a slight smile will appear. The main thing is to come up with something to remember in advance, otherwise, instead of a smile, you will get a wild panic.

Good luck with your photos!

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