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About Everything Wiki » News » The first iPad Air reviews: delight and admiration

The first iPad Air reviews: delight and admiration

02 May 2023, 06:41, parser
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Last week, Apple unveiled a long-awaited update to its iPad line of tablet computers. «The older» model received a thinner and lighter body and a new, logical name — iPad Air. This is a great product that combines amazing lightness and subtlety with the full power of the latest 64-bit A7 processor and a chic 9.7-inch Retina screen. Something tells me that the iPad Air will be a real hit of sales.


In the meantime, the new iPad Air has not yet been appreciated by consumers. But many Western bloggers and journalists have already received a new iPad for review and appreciated the new tablet computer from Cupertino. What impressions did the iPad Air leave with the first reviewers?

Brad Moulin of Engadget writes:

Surprise: iPad Air — is the best iPad that ever came to our review. I will say more: this is the best 10-inch tablet on the market. Not every manufacturer can create such light and thin devices, but Apple has succeeded brilliantly. In addition, the increase in performance and long battery life makes the iPad Air even more attractive. It seems to me that Air — is the model that is worth upgrading to.

Tim Stevens, Cnet:

If you have avoided buying the latest iPad models, then the iPad Air is the right time to upgrade. Despite the fact that the new tablet has not received any new functionality, the increased performance and long battery life show that Apple is progressing and perfectly optimizes the internal stuffing of the device. The new design of the iPad Air is really impressive. It is thinner and lighter than any competitor in this segment. Now the iPad doesn't feel as hefty as it used to.

Darrell Ethrington, TechCrunch:

I have been using the iPad mini for the last year, but now I have no doubt that I will switch to the iPad Air. After all, the 9.7-inch screen plays a role. This makes it possible to get a much better user experience: web browsing, video and photo editing, content creation — it's much more convenient to do all this on a 9.7-inch iPad Air. And now the iPad is even better able to replace ordinary people's laptops.

The Smart Case makes the iPad Air a little bulky, but it protects the case better from external influences. The case is made very efficiently.

David Pogue:

The public reaction should drive Apple engineers crazy. They managed to make the iPad lighter, thinner and more powerful without compromising battery life and design.

This is not a device like a TV or a microwave that you will use all your life. You use this thing all the time and carry it with you. Size and weight play a huge role here.

Nevertheless, I believe that owners of 2012 models do not need to upgrade to iPad Air. But if you own an iPad or iPad 2, then you will notice a huge difference.

Walt Mossberg:

The battery life of the iPad Air is driving me crazy. I used it to the fullest: watched videos, surfed the Internet via Wi-Fi, worked with email. And the iPad Air, definitely, copes with all this better than all its competitors. In this mode, he worked for me for more than 12 (!) hours, which is even more than what Apple promises.

According to the Cupertinians, the new A7 processor spends battery life much more economically, and iOS optimally distributes the load on running programs.

Conclusion: if you can afford it, then buying an iPad Air is mandatory.

Ben Bazharin, TechPinions:

The 64-bit A7 processor has laid a new foundation in the field of mobile computers and this will help the iPad Air to stand the test of time. This is a good start for a new tablet from Apple, which will last on the market for quite a long time.

Lance Ulanov, Mashable:

Yes, it's true, the iPad Air is much bigger than the iPad Mini Retina. For some, it's a disappointment. But I think the iPad Air is the perfect tablet: light, fast, beautiful and with a foundation for the future.


I admit, after the presentation, I really wanted to buy an iPad Air. And now, after such positive reviews, my desire has only strengthened. I don't think that professionals from such large publications can make mistakes at once. iPad Air is the best tablet at the moment, without reservations. What do you think?

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