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About Everything Wiki » Android » New Android apps and games: the best of April

New Android apps and games: the best of April

10 Jun 2023, 12:07, parser
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This application is useful for small business owners, as well as anyone who wants to clear their desk of piles of papers. It allows you to scan receipts, invoices and bank statements and recognize their contents. The program automatically calculates the arrival and expenditure of funds and is able to transfer them from one currency to another.


PlainApp is a promising application that allows you to control your phone through a browser. Install the program, enter the specified address and password in the browser line, and the smartphone will be connected to the computer.

An important feature: PlainApp comes with open source code, which means that the developer's statements about data confidentiality of the user can be trusted.


If you prefer to express your feelings in correspondence not with boring emojis, but with memes, you definitely should try Memix. The program provides thousands of popular images to which you can add your own text, and then immediately send it to the desired contact. In addition, Memix has a built-in keyboard so that you can bombard your interlocutors with memes without looking up from typing.


This is an application for creating creative videos in Reels format for social networks like TikTok. It allows you to shoot and edit videos, adding various effects, filters and music to them. The program has more than a hundred prepared templates for videos, but no one prevents you from coming up with your own style. The interface is simple and intuitive.


WOMBO Dream is an application that uses artificial intelligence to create images. It allows users to generate art, pictures and other graphic elements. With it, you can, for example, make an avatar for social networks or illustrations for posts on your page.

Just upload the finished photo to the app or describe in text what you want to get, then choose the desired style, and WOMBO Dream will automatically create a unique image.

Photo Tools

A multifunctional and practical application for working with photos is a kind of Swiss knife for lovers of mobile photography. The program contains many tools for all occasions, among them — compression to reduce the file size, changing the resolution, cropping the image to the desired proportions, rotating images and more.

Photo conversion to JPG, PNG or WEBP formats is available. You can create square avatars for social networks, use a color palette and extract the desired shades from images. In addition, there is a so-called super-exaggeration to get a detailed version of the photo.


SuperImage is an image scaling application that uses a neural network based on the MNN deep learning environment and the Real—ESRGAN algorithm. The tool can enlarge the image to a higher resolution and restore fuzzy details.

The program uses the graphics processor of your device without uploading photos to the Internet, which ensures data security.

Vatic AI

Vatic AI is another program that uses artificial intelligence. She uses a neural network to create videos based on your description. Enter keywords, click the button — and get a video, which can then be published in social networks.

The free version contains ads, and the duration of the video in it is limited to 5 seconds. But the program still manages to generate quite interesting compositions that just ask for an avatar or a status.


Mini Battle

Mini Battle from Falcon Games is a selection of mini—games that can be played on the same screen with a friend. You put your smartphone on the table, and everyone controls their half of the display with one finger. A very curious approach.

The app features nine different games, including Tic—tac‑toe, baseball, soccer, tennis, racing and golf. Simple controls and minimalistic graphics make Mini Battle an ideal option for those who want distraction. In addition, if it is not possible to play with a friend, you can choose artificial intelligence as an opponent.

Dragon City Mobile

In Dragon City, you have to create your own dragon city on islands flying in the sky. Build farms and homes for your reptiles, train them and feed them so that they grow big and beautiful. Grown-up monsters can be sent to the arena so that they can fight with their own kind there and bring you victories and prizes.

The game has nice cartoon graphics and a lot of different dragons. You can feel like Damon Targaryen, who came to the pet show.

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