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About Everything Wiki » Movies » What to watch: a movie about a sociopath, a light comedy about love and a film about a war in the center of Africa

What to watch: a movie about a sociopath, a light comedy about love and a film about a war in the center of Africa

03 May 2023, 18:34, parser
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"Gran Torino" (Gran Torino)

  • Drama.
  • USA, Germany, 2008.
  • Duration: 116 min.

A Clint Eastwood movie starring Clint Eastwood. And this is the perfect combination! Even individual frames from this picture make an impression, the color scheme perfectly conveys the atmosphere. The laws of drama are also observed: tragedy and humor are quite balanced. You fall in love with the main character, despite the fact that he is a racist old man. Acting, camerawork, the speed of the plot development — all top five. Two hours of high-quality video.

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"Stringer" (Nightcrawler)

  • Thriller.
  • USA, 2013.
  • Duration: 118 min.

Do everything to get into the frame. Modern morality is quite acceptable. The main character of the film is a sociopath, diligently climbing the career ladder. And this role really suits Gyllenhaal (Jake Gyllenhaal). Perhaps only sympathy for this actor can give pleasure while watching. Since it is difficult to call the film pleasant in general. Rather, he is gloomy and sarcastic. But this also happens in the subject.

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"Mandarins" (Mandariinid)

  • Drama.
  • Estonia, Georgia, 2013.
  • Duration: 87 min.

A film by Georgian director Zaza Urushadze, who was even nominated for an Oscar. Two Estonians, a Chechen and a Georgian in the same house. And beyond the threshold is war. A very beautiful film: Abkhazian nature, high moral qualities of the characters, linguistic and cultural diversity. And a very high-quality film from the point of view of the script. Definitely worth watching!

"Hotel Rwanda"

  • Drama.
  • Great Britain, USA, Italy, South Africa, Canada, 2004.
  • Duration: 121 min.

A historical film about the 1994 civil war in Rwanda, a country located in the heart of Africa. But the film is not even so much about military operations (although real events formed the basis), as about human qualities — good and not so much. In general, the film is both informative and emotional. And most importantly, despite the lack of catchy names in the credits, very convincing.

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"How to get married and stay single" (Prête-moi ta main)

  • Comedy.
  • France, 2006.
  • Duration: 90 min.

A high-quality melodramatic comedy starring Charlotte Gainsbourg. Moreover, there is much more humor here than snot, so the movie will appeal to those who are not inclined to romance. French charm is also enough. For a cozy evening — perfect.

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