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How to stop being a child and take your life in hand

02 May 2023, 10:32, parser
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Be like children — the call is good in terms of naturalness of behavior and the ability to see joy and pleasure in small things. But when only the worst remains of childhood: whims, lack of independence and resentment, then there is no need to talk about achieving any goals at all.

Let's try to figure out what makes us such a wrong child at both 18 and 38.


Everything is not going the way you wanted, and you got friends and family with your suffering? Now it's bad for everyone — you shared the misfortune. Wouldn't it be better to find out what is going wrong, why is it wrong and how can it be fixed?


Irritation in front of other people is perhaps even worse than whining. If you lose your composure — you show everyone your inability to cope with the situation, it would be better to learn to calm down in time (count to 10 to begin with).

Demand from the world of justice

To be honest, life is not such a fair thing. Don't demand justice, but try to find a way to use the existing rules more effectively.

Avoiding routine

You probably remember how much I didn't want to do my mother's boring errands as a child. But now no one but you will make sure that everything around you is in order. Do not discard routine — it is the foundation of your achievements.

Eating sweets

Sweet was not useful in childhood, when it turned you into overexcited little devils, but a fast metabolism allowed you to get rid of the consequences faster. Now, knowing about all aspects of improper nutrition, you just have to keep yourself in hand.

The desire to have everything at once

Children have almost no control over internal impulses. They are impatient and hate waiting. The picture of a more or less distant future does not fit into their heads. Do not repeat this now: you must be able to plan and lose something in the name of the main goal.

Every last penny

Almost any kid who broke a piggy bank will spend every penny. Children have no idea about the future, and they cannot think about saving money for a goal, as we have just said. But are you able to plan your spending and postpone? Try to save at least a thousand rubles from each salary to begin with. You will be surprised by the effect.

Are You Behaving Like a Dumb Little Kid? [ Ali ]

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