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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » Cybersecurity specialists receive up to 300,000 rubles a month. We tell you how to quickly master this profession

Cybersecurity specialists receive up to 300,000 rubles a month. We tell you how to quickly master this profession

29 May 2023, 13:56, parser
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Why the profession is relevant

In 2022, cybercriminals posted Drain year: attackers posted 1.4 billion lines from leaked databases of Russian companies / Group-IB there are 311 databases of Russian companies in open access, while in 2021 there were only 61 such leaks. In global statistics, cybersecurity is also difficult: for example, the number of cyberattacks on corporate networks increased in 2022 Check Point Research Reports a 38% Increase in 2022 Global Cyberattacks / Check Point by 38% compared to 2021.

It is naive to think that cybercriminals are dangerous only for large technology companies and banks: even those who do not use a smartphone or a computer can become victims. For example, in Newfoundland As Hackers Take Down Newfoundland’s Health Care System, Silence Descends / The New York Times during a network attack on hospitals, the data of residents of an entire province got into general access, and in Dusseldorf Cyber Attack Suspected in German Woman’s Death / The New York Times the attack on the servers of the university hospital cost the life of one of the patients. The woman needed emergency help, but did not have time to get to the hospital because of the delay caused by the attack.

Cybersecurity specialists are in demand in various fields, but in any one it is important to realize the degree of responsibility — not only money may be at stake. Therefore, the profession is suitable for those who need to be aware of their practical benefits for others, and not just spend a day at the monitor. For a confident start, beginners can take the course "Profession Cybersecurity Specialist from scratch" from Skillbox. Classes on real cases will allow you to understand the intricacies of the profession and master the necessary skills. Communication with experienced mentors, among whom there are representatives of well-known brands, will help to get a complete picture of the upcoming career path and cope with the excitement of future tasks.

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What specific tasks are to be solved

Illustration: Skillbox / Shevchenko Milena / Lifehacker

The global goal is clear — to protect information from leakage. But the tasks can be different. For example, you can become an anti‑fraud analyst. Most people have been familiar with the ideas of the developers of this field for a long time: the SMS code for confirming online payments is part of the anti‑fraud system. Specialists are in demand in the fintech industry and protect bank customers' funds from leaks: they track suspicious activity, come up with new security elements, automate payments and algorithms for their confirmation.

Other possible directions are ethical hacking or computer forensics. Representatives of the latter branch are searching for digital evidence for court proceedings, helping companies investigate IT incidents. For example, stealing money and data or blocking servers. To find clues, you have to carefully choose information channels, be able to recover passwords, crack files, conduct cryptanalysis, scan related events. Those who are more interested in the code and the game ahead of the curve are more likely to be interested in the development of information security systems — there is less heat in this area, and more time to work out ideas.

On the course "Profession Cybersecurity Specialist from scratch " students will get acquainted with representatives of different directions. In particular, among the authors of the program is a researcher of malicious software, the head of the protected databases of Gazinformservice, as well as an adviser to the director of the ANO DPO "Institute of Business and Information Technologies" with 19 years of experience in the field of security. Such diversity among experts will help Skillbox students to find their direction and find a dream offer in the future.

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What you need to be able to do at the start

Illustration: Skillbox / Shevchenko Milena / Lifehacker

Cybersecurity is not the easiest direction to start in IT, but if desired and with the help of experienced mentors, those who have not seriously encountered code before will be able to realize themselves in this area. Each niche has its own tools and methods of work, but a strong base will be needed everywhere. The Skillbox course will help you develop it quickly and effectively. The program is divided into two basic levels. At the first of them, students:

  • will master programming in Python Basic,
  • will work with network protocols,
  • will study the Bash command line,
  • will gain Windows and Powershell administration skills,
  • will understand the Linux structure.

This knowledge is enough to start a career. If you study intensively, you will be able to start looking for a job in 5 months. By the way, the platform will take over the costs of the course for this time, and then you can pay for the program in installments — from the salary already in the specialty.

In the Network, the winner is the one who knows the opponent's next move. Therefore, it is important for cybersecurity specialists to understand how to hack a database and deceive user trust, gain access to other people's systems and make money on other people's information resources. At the second stage of the program, students will get acquainted with the main classes of security tools, learn how to identify weaknesses in the company's infrastructure and vulnerabilities in the source code of applications, and also learn how to investigate incidents in the field of information security.

Additionally, you can take courses on the Git version system and working with local networks, or dive deeper into learning Python. You should not be afraid of difficult tasks: in Skillbox, students receive support from experts and curators in the Telegram chat of the course.

How much can I earn

Illustration: Skillbox / Shevchenko Milena / Lifehacker

Novice specialists and interns can count on a salary of 40,000 rubles Vacancies for information security specialists without experience / HeadHunter , in a year the offers will move to a wide range from 60 to 150 thousand Vacancies for information security specialists with experience from 1 to 3 years / HeadHunter . At the Senior level, when you have at least three years of experience in fighting cybercrime, salary expectations will rise to the bar of 180-300 000 Vacancies for information security specialists with at least 3 years of experience / HeadHunter rubles.

The program "The profession of a Cybersecurity Specialist from scratch " from Skillbox lasts 12 months and requires an average of 3-5 hours of classes per week — such a load is quite realistic to combine with university studies or work. By the final, you can count on a Middle-level position and request a salary of 60,000 rubles. The portfolio of students will include cases and laboratory tasks worked out during the course, and the specialists of the Career Center will help to correctly issue their main applicant document.

Students of Skillbox can count on direct employment assistance. The platform has many large partner companies in which candidates with Skillbox certificates have priority. Career Center experts will conduct test interviews with graduates, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of candidates, tell them which offers should be avoided and which arguments to use in salary auctions. And HR professionals with experience in IT recruiting will also help in compiling resumes and creating profiles on job aggregators.

Start learning

Special offers are valid on the date of publication of the article. You can find out the current cost and view the course programs on the Skillbox website.

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