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How to develop responsibility

05 May 2023, 14:04, parser
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Summing up the results of the October that ended, I regret to admit that I lacked responsibility. Unfortunately, I have not found a guide for the development of this quality for adults on the Internet. Therefore, I had to write a manual to myself.

I hope it will help you too.

How to develop responsibility, the rabbit shows the tongue to the hedgehog
First, let's figure out what responsibility is? The dictionary gives the following interpretation: "the subjective obligation to be responsible for actions and actions, as well as their consequences." In yoga, where one of the values — is awareness of life, I was told that the word «responsibility» comes from the root «vedas » and means " I know what I'm doing". It sounds nice, but linguists say that the root is veteo (advice), which goes back to βουλή, which means will from ancient Greek. That's just the will — it is the ability to consciously manage your life. So the yoga coach was close to the truth.

Learn to admit your mistakes. This is probably the most difficult. At the moment when you are praised or thanked, it is pleasant for each of us. Only when we hear criticism or censure, we behave quite differently. It is very difficult not to start defending yourself, trying to make someone else guilty. But it's much more correct to say "I'm sorry" and describe what exactly you regret. This is where you develop an understanding of actions.

It's even harder to apologize if you've been caught in a lie. After all, then it will be necessary to tell the truth, and not just offer ways to resolve the situation.

Draw the boundaries of responsibility. Obviously, you can't be responsible for everyone and everything. Therefore, it is worth thinking regularly, and where is the border? We are each responsible primarily for ourselves. Therefore, in this example, let's try to draw boundaries.
Let's try to answer the questions:

  • Who is responsible for my thoughts, actions, words? Definitely me.
  • Who is responsible for my health? If he treats him irresponsibly for a long time, then the moment will come when the doctor will answer. In the meantime, I am.
  • Who is responsible for my reputation? Me and my loved ones.
  • Who is responsible for my comfort? A married man will answer — my wife.
  • And so on.

It is worth drawing boundaries not only in relation to yourself. At the same time, remember: «a lot of things are not in our zone of influence, which means we cannot be responsible for them». You cannot take responsibility for the consequences of an earthquake – you are not the Lord God. You are only responsible for how to spend $10 – donate it or buy a new book.

Formulate the rules and stick to them. Making decisions is always difficult. And often for a long time. That is why people have come up with rules, laws, morals. But we are all different, some may be more, some less. Therefore, it is not always right to adhere to other people's rules. Moreover, other people's rules often conflict not only with our idea of what is right, but also with each other.

In conclusion, I will paraphrase the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "We are responsible for what we have created."

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