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About Everything Wiki » macOS » 5 Free Mini Utilities for macOS that will Make You More Productive

5 Free Mini Utilities for macOS that will Make You More Productive

09 Jun 2023, 12:07, parser
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1. Blurred

Rarely during work we really need to keep several windows in front of our eyes at once, so usually they only distract. Blurred fixes this by darkening everything in the background and leaving only the active application visible. Thus, the utility allows you to focus on it and not disperse attention to the rest.

The degree of concealment is adjustable: from light dimming to a completely black background. If necessary, the function can be quickly disabled and activated from the menu bar or by shortcut. By default, Shift + Cmd + E is used, but the combination can be changed. For owners of multiple monitors there is a Parallel mode in which all windows except the active one are hidden not only on the main display, but also on additional ones.

2. Yippy

The macOS clipboard can store only the latest text, file or picture. In short, it has only one "memory cell". With active work, this is not enough and at least two or three would not hurt. With the Yippy utility, the clipboard is easy to expand up to 1,500 slots.

To call Yippy, shortcutCmd + V is used by default. But it can be changed — for example, to Option + Cmd + V. By keyboard shortcut, a floating window with a list of recently used items will be displayed. They can be selected with the cursor, keyboard arrows, and the last values at all via Cmd + 0, Cmd + 1, and so on. You can search, adjust the size and location of the Yippy window, as well as the number of memory slots.

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3. Rectangle

If your job involves frequent switching between windows, changing their size and position on the screen, try Rectangle. With this utility, the process will become much easier and faster.

With the help of ready-made or custom shortcuts, you can instantly switch between more than 30 templates. The screen is divided into two, three, four or six parts, and each of them has its own keyboard shortcut. At the same time, to select a template, you can simply drag the window to one of the "sticking" zones.

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4. Today

The standard "Calendar" in macOS has various display modes, as well as a widget for viewing the schedule for the day. But the Today app offers a faster and easier option to check the plan. By clicking in the menu bar, a compact list of upcoming tasks is displayed with time and labels. There is also a function for adding a new event.

Today supports not only iCloud, but also other services, including Google and Microsoft, which are activated through the parameters of the standard "Calendar". In the settings of the application, you can change the icon, disable calendar labels and select other display options.

5. CheatSheet

Hotkeys save a lot of time, but many people rarely use them. Just because they don't know them. The CheatSheet utility will help you learn useful combinations for all your applications.

It is enough to hold down the Cmd key for a second, and the screen will display a list of all supported shortcuts for the running program. And so it is for each of the installed applications. By clicking on the combination, you can perform the selected action. The settings allow you to set the display delay by pressing Cmd, as well as print a set of hotkeys.

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