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About Everything Wiki » Life Hack » What things in the house do we constantly forget to sort out during cleaning

What things in the house do we constantly forget to sort out during cleaning

10 Jun 2023, 00:05, parser
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1. CD, DVD and records

If you still have a collection of CDs or DVDs from a long time ago, it's time to do an audit and throw away the excess. Especially interesting and rare specimens can be sold at a flea market, and the rest can be taken to a separate garbage collection point.

It is important for vinyl lovers not to forget to keep an eye on the records — regularly wipe them from dust with a special brush or microfiber cloth.

2. Old technique

Perhaps you will also find an old slider phone, a CD player and a VCR with a couple of cassettes in the CD drawer. All this can also be recycled or offered to retrogadget collectors.

3. Books

For many of us, books are very personal things. So much so that the mere thought of cluttering up a literary collection can cause a storm of emotions.

The truth is that you probably have books that you have never opened and are not going to open. University textbooks, outdated reference books, or just works that you constantly intend to read, but never do.

Take a critical look at your personal library and put aside everything without regret that you definitely will never need again. What has already lost relevance, for example, instructions from the "Internet for Dummies" series, can be put on waste paper. And it is better to give good books to the nearest library, where they will definitely find their reader.

4. Candles

If you like aromatic candles or you are constantly given them, you probably already have an impressive collection, although not all the "exhibits" you really need.

Collect all the candles in the house and put aside those in which there is very little wax left. Put them in the freezer overnight. In the frozen state, the wax shrinks, and it becomes much easier to remove it. And the remaining glass container can be recycled.

5. Bottles in the bar

The home bar is the last place we remember when cleaning. As a result, you can find dusty bottles of alcohol there, which were given to us a few years ago and which we safely forgot about.

First of all, find drinks that have already gone bad. Different alcohol has different shelf life, so it's better to clarify the information on the label.

As a rule, cream liqueurs can be stored for up to two years, and an open bottle of vermouth can be stored for only a few months. Distilled spirits, such as vodka, rum or tequila, are stored longer. Leave those of them that will definitely wait in the wings, and get rid of the others.

6. Jewelry in the box

Browse your accessories collection and put aside what you haven't worn for a long time and don't plan to wear anymore. Cheap jewelry can simply be thrown away, and valuable jewelry, such as rings or earrings with stones, is better to take to a jeweler. It will determine the cost of products if you want to get rid of unnecessary things profitably.

7. Cosmetics samples

This category includes mini‑versions of care or makeup products and small tubes from hotels that remain after trips. Divide everything into three categories: leave it for use, send it for recycling, give it to those who need it.

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