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About Everything Wiki » Life Hack » Working with Twitter on Skype

Working with Twitter on Skype

03 May 2023, 07:06, parser
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In general, many consider Twitter to be a user's mini-blog, but it's something more. Twitter is the best way to keep in touch with your online acquaintances. You can use Twitter both through its website, and through many mashup services, as well as by SMS. It's best to work with Twitter in any Jabber messenger, Google Talk is also supported. Skype was not included in the privileged category of supported messengers. However, the wind of change again did everything in its own way.

VoIP Blog has published a solution to this misunderstanding. Its essence lies in the use of another Twitter mashup — Twitter4Skype.

Using Twitter4Skype is very simple:
1. Add the user twitter4skype to the Skype contact list;
2. We send him a chat message of the form:
twitter user
twitter password

3. We get a response from him like: “twitter4skype Registration complete!”

Done. Now each of your chat messages sent to the Twitter4Skype bot will automatically get into the Twitter feed, and messages from your friends' Twitter blogs will appear in the Skype chat window.


The sent message must be sent at one time, and therefore, if you type manually, move the cursor to the next line with the combination Ctrl+Enter (Enter just sends the message ).

Have a good twittering and don't get too sick with Twittergolism.

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