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About Everything Wiki » Life » How to overcome the fear of the unknown

How to overcome the fear of the unknown

02 May 2023, 06:58, parser
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We are afraid of what will happen tomorrow. All this is because we have no idea what will happen. And it scares the hell out of us, covering us with waves of fear and panic, which respond with unpleasant sensations in the stomach.

We are used to controlling everything and always being up to date. Disconnecting from the news stream for at least one day is considered unacceptable, because we are afraid that we will miss something important. We worry that we don't have enough money, and because of this we go to work, which brings a stable income, but at the same time absolutely does not satisfy the needs for personal growth. Or work gives us a missing sense of satisfaction, but at the same time takes away free time that we could spend with loved ones.

All this does not lead to anything good. Being in fear for our uncertain future, we forget about one of the most important moments of life — the "now" moment.

Chris Smith, IT manager of an aerospace company, leading a blog about Devburner technologies and productivity, has deduced for himself 4 fairly obvious rules for dealing with the fear of the unknown and shows by personal example that they work.

Here and now

Do not forget about such an important moment as "here and now". If it is so necessary, set yourself a reminder: "Stop. Look around!" Stopped, disconnected from business, looked around, realized what was happening around. They took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. At this moment you are free: you can think about anything and no one can stop you. Make at least a few such stops a day.

Daily notes

Write down the most significant moments that happened to you during the day. Even if you're a lousy writer, take notes anyway. When thoughts are put on paper, they become more orderly and quite often new interesting ideas are born from them. In any case, looking at these records at the end of the year, it will be much easier to summarize. And keeping records at the end of each day will give you a sense of completeness. And this is very, very important.

If you don't want to take it out on social networks and the Internet in general, you can use special applications created for taking notes (for example, Day One).

Friends and family

Try to see your friends more often and communicate more with your family. This does not mean at all that you should definitely devote time to everyone who wishes and be the best friend for everyone. It doesn't happen that easily. But each of us has special people with whom we really want to spend time more often.


Plan your working hours, try to prioritize correctly and say "no" not only to those with whom you work, but also to yourself. After all, in fear of future well-being, we sometimes take on a huge amount of work that is unrealistic to perform physically. Do the most important, delegate the secondary. If it is inconvenient for you to refuse and you feel that you are letting the client down very much, you can advise you to contact a colleague who will do the job as well as you.

And from myself, I would add one more point — take pictures. People, events, landscapes. Then an album with the story of your life is collected from these pictures. Something you delete without looking and without regret, something will stay with you for a long time. And in some ways you will probably see a new opportunity for yourself.

If you want to find out if these tips work, don't just read and forget, but try to follow them for at least a couple of weeks. After all, only after testing you can understand whether this or that system is suitable for you. ;)

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