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About Everything Wiki » Life » How to learn to articulate your thoughts clearly 

How to learn to articulate your thoughts clearly 

24 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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Sometimes I really want to convey an idea to listeners or readers, but I can't do it. It doesn't work out to find the right words, thoughts get confused, spread out, jump from topic to topic. We have collected several techniques that will help you overcome these barriers.

1. Use the thesis—argument—proof scheme

It will help you structure your thoughts, build a statement or text logically and consistently. Especially if you are arguing with someone or want to convincingly present your point of view on some problem.

First you put forward Theory and Practice of Argumentation / Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences thesis or assumption. Then you expand it a little, explain exactly what you mean. And finally, you present evidence. For example:

Thesis: "Reading classics is important and necessary."
Argument: "Classical literature helps to increase vocabulary, develops imagination and emotional intelligence."
Proof: "Scientists have found out D. Comer Kidd, E. Castano. Reading literary fiction improves theory of mind / Science that people who read classical literature are better at recognizing other people's emotions."

2. Write notes

Especially if you like to read books from the non-fiction category. Let's say you finish a chapter, and then briefly, literally half a page, write down the main theses.

If you are too lazy to take notes after each chapter, you can retell the whole book, while also trying to keep within a certain number of words or pages. It's also a good way to train your memory.

3. Take voice notes

Use a voice recorder or, for example, the Favorites chat in Telegram. Leave messages for yourself: ideas that you would like to implement, interesting thoughts that have appeared in your head, or just a to-do list for tomorrow.

Try to make sure that the length of the audio recording does not exceed, say, one minute. This is quite enough to express and develop a thought, but at the same time not to lose it and not go into the wilds. Such a limit definitely motivates you to speak quickly, not to "hoot", not to "hoot" and choose your words accurately.

There are even special social networks for fans of voice messages. You can only communicate with troops there, and no longer than one minute. Good training of thinking and speaking skills.

Download QR-Code
Developer: Voxter SA
Price: For free

4. Create an account on the social network X

If you don't have a cherished check mark, the maximum length of an entry in the former Twitter is 280 characters. Such a restriction will help to weed out all unnecessary things and express your thoughts concisely and clearly. Especially if you don't cheat and don't create threads from a dozen or two posts.

By the way, you can complicate the task and try to fit into 140 characters, as it used to be on Twitter.

5. Write loglines for movies and books

The logline is a very short, several—line retelling of the plot. It is used by screenwriters to explain as quickly as possible what their story is about.

For example, the logline for the movie "Forrest Gump" sounded Top Box Office Logline Examples / FilmDaily so: "Forrest Gump, although not very smart, becomes an accidental participant in historical events, and his true love Jenny Curran eludes him."

And here is the logline "Matrices": "A hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the real nature of the familiar world and about his role in the war against those who control this world."

It may seem that writing a logline (or its more extended versions — an annotation and a synopsis) is a trivial matter. But even writers sometimes find it difficult. After all, you have to learn to highlight the most important things in the plot, and even explain the essence in just a dozen words. So creating loglines can be a great workout if you want to learn how to express your thoughts clearly and clearly.

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