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About Everything Wiki » Life » 7 things that should not be left in the car in the cold

7 things that should not be left in the car in the cold

18 Jan 2024, 12:00, parser
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1. Medicines

Most medicines need to be stored Good storage and distribution practices for medical products / World Health Organization at room temperature (15-25 °C). If other conditions are required, this will be indicated on the package or in the instructions. For example, some drugs should be kept in a cool (8-15 ° C) or cold place (2-8 ° C). When frozen, they can OFFSET.1.1.0010. Storage of medicines change its properties or lose effectiveness. Therefore, it is not worth leaving them at -30 ° C.

Also, do not do this with medicines in ampoules and glass vials — their packaging may simply collapse in the cold.

2. Carbonated drinks

Drinks in cans are at risk of exploding due to the fact that the water expands when frozen. Moreover, as a result of such an explosion, not only cars can suffer, but also people A boy needed 38 stitches after a frozen soda can exploded in his face / Gizmodo .

3. Musical instruments

In the cold, wooden tools can deform. At best, your guitar or violin will get upset more often after that. But the tool body may also crack, which will require expensive repairs or even replacement.

4. Paint

It can deteriorate if it stays in the cold for a long time. For example, the components in its composition will lose their properties or the finished coating will turn out to be of poor quality.

However, this does not happen with all paints, so be sure to check the information on the packaging. Perhaps yours is able to tolerate low temperatures.

5. Household chemicals

Liquid cleaning products can freeze in the package and tear it just like soda. In addition, it is unknown how the low temperature will affect their effectiveness.

6. Eggs

Freezing, the liquid protein and yolk will expand, and this may cause the shell to crack. After that, it's not safe to eat an egg.

But even if there are no cracks on it, it will no longer be as tasty as the one that has not been frozen. You can eat it If shell eggs freeze accidentally, are they safe? / U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) , but then it's better to hard-boil. The rest of the dishes will be unsuccessful due to the changed texture of the yolk.

7. Electronic devices

You probably noticed yourself that frost has a negative effect T. M. Bandhauer, S. Garimella, T. F. Fuller. A critical review of thermal issues in lithium-ion batteries / Journal of The Electrochemical Society on batteries of phones, tablets and laptops. They lose charge faster, and sometimes they turn off just instantly. If the device stays in the cold for a long time, the battery may fail altogether.

So try not to leave your gadgets at low temperatures for a long time. And remember that you cannot charge a "frozen" device immediately upon arrival at home. First, let it heat up to room temperature.

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