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About Everything Wiki » DIY » Learning to tie ties: 6 ways + a bonus in the form of a bow tie and ascot

Learning to tie ties: 6 ways + a bonus in the form of a bow tie and ascot

04 May 2023, 17:37, parser
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how to tie a tie

It's no secret that most often women tie ties for men. And even if you know how to do it yourself, but you took a break from the official drescode for at least a year, then you will have to remember everything. Unfortunately, as with a bicycle, it doesn't work with ties — you still have to learn again.

Therefore, we decided to make a collective memo for men and, of course, for ladies who do not know how to tie ties and are afraid to admit it.

So, 6 ways plus a small bonus in the form of tying a bow tie and a men's neck scarf (ascot):

1. The Eastern node.

This is one of the easiest ways to tie a tie. It is used for ties made of heavy materials, including wool, woven or knitted.

6 ways to tie a tie

2. A simple node.

Also one of the easiest ways to tie. You will spend quite a bit of time and get a thin conical knot as a result.

A simple knot for tying a tie

3. Double knot.

Very similar to the node «Victoria ». Simple in execution and does not require much experience.

blog : how to tie a tie correctly

4. The Semi-Windzer node.

This knot is most often used for tying ties made of medium-heavy materials. It is one of the most compact nodes and has an asymmetrical appearance.

Asymmetric knot Half-windzer for tie

5. Node «Windsor».

This is a classic kind of node. It is on his example that beginners learn to tie ties.

Classic tie knot

6. The Cross Knot.

Also known as Square, Italian or Christensen.

tie a tie, ways to tie a tie correctly, tying men's tie, tie knots-2

And now let's move on to our «bonuses »:

Bow tie.

how to tie a bow tie

Ascot (men's neck scarf).

how to tie ascot (men's neck scarf)

According to the materials.

In general, the choice of a tie for each person is very individual, you can even say — intimate. You may like the color, but the texture does not fit, and vice versa. For those who are particularly picky in choosing, there is tailoring of ties to order, and not only offline. The Shirt-to-order online store has a special designer for ties. You can even choose the angle of the stripes in it.

I wonder who ties your ties when you did «it» for the first time, your favorite kind of knot, favorite color and size?

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