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About Everything Wiki » Life » How to raise blog views: 5 ideas for interactive conversations with subscribers

How to raise blog views: 5 ideas for interactive conversations with subscribers

01 Jun 2023, 12:00, parser
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1. Arrange a game

Give subscribers a fun task. It should correspond to the topic of the blog. For example, if you're talking about movies, suggest coming up with a funny name for a new part of a popular franchise, and if it's about cooking, create the craziest dessert recipe. In order for readers to have more motivation, promise to post a selection with those options that you like or collect the most likes. By the way, the second post can also collect a lot of reactions: those who got to the top will rejoice, and the rest will share their opinions about other people's options.

The usual formats of games like puzzles or finding differences in pictures are also suitable for reviving subscribers. But in this case, there is a risk that as soon as the correct answer appears, communication in the comments will fade away.

2. Discuss the topic together

Image: StratfordProductions / Shutterstock

Write a post and finish it with a question. In order for readers to participate in the discussion, the answer should not be obvious, and the topic should be close to the audience. Try to choose one that sets up a discussion. Suppose you are running a blog about sports and in a post you told that you went to the gym today. At the end, instead of "How was your day?" ask: "Do you like to train more in the gym or at home? Share your favorite exercise."

After the post is published, it is important to maintain a conversation with subscribers. This way you will show that their opinion is important to you and prolong the discussion. And this is useful for finding new readers: live posts have more chances to get into recommendations!

In the Russian social network YARUS, thanks to the comments, you can be on the main page. The feed is updated there in real time — the most discussed content is on top. It is the first thing that users of the social network see when they log into the application or website. And the audience of YARUS is more than 11 million 11 million users are registered in the social network YARUS / RBC human.

YRUS is a multi—format social network. You can publish everything here, from texts and photos to videos and songs of your own composition. And in order for longreads and vlogs not to mix, it is enough to create several thematic feeds. It's simple: you just need to go to your profile, select the "Feeds" section, click on the "More" button and click on the plus sign.

Start a blog

3. Offer to share stories or photos

The main thing is that the task looks natural in the context of the blog. So, if you write expertly about makeup and skin care, you can invite readers to throw off photos of their makeup bags. If you have a travel page, in the post tell us about the crazy situation that happened to you on the trip, and ask readers to share something similar.

The answers will help with ideas for new publications. For example, in the case of skin care, you can collect a selection of products popular with subscribers and give them your assessment. And on the example of travel stories — to tell how to cope with popular problems on trips.

4. Organize a contest

Изображение : Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Everyone loves to receive gifts, so the contest is a great motivation to be active. How exactly subscribers will compete for the prize is up to you to choose. You can suggest simply leaving any comment under the post, for example, pluses or emojis, or giving readers a task. The mechanics described above are suitable here: photos, original answers to questions, stories.

How to determine the winner is also up to you. Popular methods are by the number of reactions and randomizer. You can also choose a favorite yourself, but if there are many participants, it will be a difficult task to view all the options.

5. Make a fortune on the book

Of course, not seriously, but for fun. Choose a book that suits the blog topic and invite readers to leave the page number and lines in the comments. And then share the predictions with all the participants of the divination.

For this interactive, subscribers will not have to think for a long time and connect their imagination, so it's easy to participate in it. Such an idea can gather more comments than the usual discussion of a topical topic.

Comments in IRUS are useful not only for bloggers, but also for their subscribers. For activity, the social network charges users coins — virtual currency. You will be able to collect 5 coins per day. You can use them, for example, to encourage your favorite authors or subscribe to paid feeds where bloggers publish exclusive content. Another option is to withdraw money and spend it offline. But for such an operation, you first need to accumulate at least 1,000 coins in the internal account.

For bloggers IRUS virtual currency is an easy way to start earning on content. The authors can receive coins both from the platform itself — for example, for watching long videos and short vertical videos, and in the form of donations from readers. And they are also easy to play in contests. The blogger only needs to come up with conditions and choose how many coins he wants to give to the winner.

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