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About Everything Wiki » Life » 5 ways to find subscribers if you are a novice blogger

5 ways to find subscribers if you are a novice blogger

28 May 2023, 00:00, parser
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1. Engage in mutual promotion

Find an interesting blogger and offer to "exchange" subscribers — this is an easy and free way to get new readers. There are several options: tell about each other in posts, make a repost of publications or create joint content — for example, organize a raffle of gifts.

Choose authors with an audience of similar interests: talk about makeup — collaborate with beauty bloggers, about movies — with pages about movies. The number of subscribers is also important. It will simply be unprofitable for a popular blogger with thousands of readers to engage in mutual promotion with a beginner.

2. Use hashtags

Image: Dean Drobot / Shutterstock

Yes, they still work Hashtags Statistics 2023 / The Small Buisness Blog . But do not overdo it — the abundance of labels will not affect the number of impressions of the post New Report Highlights That Hashtags Don’t Significantly Increase Post Engagement / Social Media Today . And over time, when the audience in the blog grows, the habit of putting a lot of hashtags can have a negative impact on the distribution of content.

It is better to stop at three or four tags, but as accurate as possible. Use words that reflect the topic of the post and may be present in the queries of potential subscribers. For example, if you share home workouts, add the hashtags "sports", "workouts" and "fitness".

Promoting content and finding subscribers in IRUS is simple. The audience of the social network is constantly growing 11 million users are registered in the social network YARUS / RBC — there are already more than 11 million people here. In addition to hashtags, the authors are helped by the social network itself. Smart algorithms analyze the content of publications and sort them by "Personal tiers" — a kind of "shelves" for content that users customize according to their interests.

Image: IRUS

For example, if you share memes, IRUS will show posts to people who have added the topic "Humor" to their "Personal tiers", and if recipes — "Cuisine". By the way, you can publish longreads, photos, short vertical videos, vlogs and even music of your own composition on the social network.

In IRUS there are other free tools for promotion — collections of "Top bloggers" and "New authors", which are updated daily and show users interesting content creators. For example, authors who have no more than 1,000 subscribers can get into stories with young influencers, and there are at least 7 unique publications in the blog. To find new readers, send a request with a description of your profile.

Become a blogger

3. Be active

Major bloggers often arrange like‑times — they post posts in which they urge readers to leave comments and put reactions to each other's publications. For novice authors, this practice will help to quickly increase activity: at least a few people will visit your page and put "hearts", and if the content is hooked, then they will subscribe.

It is not necessary to wait for like‑times. Leave comments under any publications by authors with a similar focus. But instead of direct appeals in the spirit of "Go to my page", try to come up with an answer relevant to the topic of the post. So, if you are a travel blogger, then share your favorite places under a selection of attractions that are worth visiting in Moscow or any other city. This may interest readers and encourage them to go to your page.

4. Buy ads

For this, you can turn to bloggers with a live audience: check that the author's posts have a lot of likes and comments, and from real people, and not from bots. As a platform, choose pages with a similar theme: probably, a blog post about fishing from a psychologist will not be successful, but fans of outdoor activities will like it.

A blog filled with content has a higher chance of attracting potential subscribers than an empty page. Therefore, take your time with advertising: publish at least 10-15 posts, and then contact other authors.

5. Look for coverage formats

Image: simona pilolla 2 / Shutterstock

Which format collects the most views depends on the platform. Find popular authors on the social network where you blog and look at their statistics. If you don't want to delve into analytics, do a mini‑study: ask your friends what publications they prefer — short texts, longreads or videos. Their answers can be used as a basis for preparing a plan of posts.

If you can create short vertical videos on a social network, it's definitely worth with them Short‑form Showdown: TikTok vs. YouTube Shorts vs. Reels / Strike Social experiment. Such videos end up in an endless feed that users can scroll through for hours. And thanks to the recommendation algorithm, your content will be seen by viewers who will surely find it interesting.

In the social network IRUS, short vertical videos are called "Plots". This format is useful to use to find new subscribers: videos can collect tens or even hundreds of thousands of views. The maximum duration of the video is one minute. The authors themselves choose whether to leave it in the feed forever or post it for just 24 hours.

"Plots" are also useful for earning money. Popular videos bring coins — the virtual currency YARUS: for every thousand views of such videos, the author receives 20 coins. Also in the social network there is an additional system for encouraging popular bloggers: for 100,000 views of long videos, the author is awarded 500,000 coins, and for 1,000,000 views — 5,000,000 coins. Virtual money is converted into real money at the exchange rate: 1 coin is 1 ruble, and you can withdraw them through your personal account in the "My Wallet" section. Additional bonuses will bring activity in the YARUS application. In order for 5 coins to fall on the account per day, it is enough to log into the application every day, put likes and comments. And, of course, do not forget to collect coins in your personal profile.

Find subscribers

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