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About Everything Wiki » Life » How to make money on a blog with paid access. Let's look at the example of the social network YARUS

How to make money on a blog with paid access. Let's look at the example of the social network YARUS

26 May 2023, 12:00, parser
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How paid blogs work

There are several ways to make money on content. For example, you can completely close the blog for free viewing — only regular readers will be able to see the entries. Some social networks allow you to make individual posts or live broadcasts that are available to those who have paid for a subscription. And you can keep a thematic closed feed — this option is offered by the social network YARUS. At the same time, you do not need to completely send the blog under lock and key. It's still easy to publish content to all users.

For example, if the author writes about sports, you can upload individual exercises to the main feed. And in the paid one — to hold a marathon for subscribers who want to learn how to do push-ups or pull up the body for the summer.

In order for users to get access to the content, the author IRUS can set up a one-time or monthly payment. The subscription price is set by each blogger himself. Payment is made in the internal currency of the social network — coins. In YARUS, they are credited to all users immediately after registration. If you log into the app every day, post posts and leave comments, you can get 5 coins each.

Which posts should be monetized

Изображение : Sotnikov Misha / Shutterstock

In IRUS users can post any content: photos, texts, short vertical videos, long videos and music of their own composition. In order for readers to have an incentive to pay for a subscription, it is better to share information in a closed feed that is not so easy to find on the Internet. This can be a detailed instruction on knitting a stylish sweater, a visual guide on how to grow an avocado, or other useful tips.

If you run a travel blog, you can plan guides for a paid feed, how to prepare for a trip to Turkey or what to see in Thailand. And if your topic is cooking, it's worth publishing unusual recipes or step—by-step instructions with photos. If desired, you can monetize different content — from your creativity to tips on how to learn Chinese. It is important that it is unique.

Owners of Android devices can already earn money on paid feeds in YARUS. And very soon, such an opportunity will appear for those who use the iOS app and the web version of the social network. Even in a closed feed, you can earn additional income thanks to video content. For every thousand views of long videos, the social network will charge 50 coins, short vertical "Plots— - 20 coins. When at least 1,000 coins accumulate in your personal account, they can be withdrawn to a bank account through the "My Wallet" section at the rate of 1 coin = 1 ruble.

Become a blogger IRUS

How to attract subscribers to a paid feed

Изображение : sergey causelove / Shutterstock

The easiest way is to tell your readers about the special content. To do this, go to the paid feed page YRUS and click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Mark the users you want to invite by tapping on "+". This way you can attract no more than 20 subscribers per day.

Another option is to publish a short video in the main channel and tell that the full version is in a closed feed. In addition, you can offer additional content. Let's say if you shot a music video, add an exclusive vlog from the set for paid subscribers.

If possible, it is worth paying attention to users who have gained access to the paid feed. For example, you can share readers' stories, publish posts with answers to their questions, or arrange online meetings.

How to subscribe to a paid feed

To get access to such materials, the owner of an Android smartphone needs to update the application YRUS to the latest version. You can see the closed blog on the user's page in the "Feeds" section — paid content is marked with an orange icon with a gift image. Next to it is the subscription price in coins.

To join the closed feed, just click the "Pay" button, and the required amount will be debited from the account in your personal account. Materials will be opened immediately after payment — there is no need to wait for additional permission from the owner.

Register in YARUS
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