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About Everything Wiki » Food » From bone steaks to complex rolls: Netizens discuss the most overrated food

From bone steaks to complex rolls: Netizens discuss the most overrated food

10 Jun 2023, 12:04, parser
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A new interesting thread has appeared on Reddit. In it, users were asked which food they consider the most overrated — and more than 11 thousand comments have already gathered under the original post. We selected the most popular answers.

Photo: Diego Lerena / Unsplash

1. "I hate burgers that you can't eat without dropping half on a plate. It's not a burger anymore if you have to eat it with a knife and fork," - jinjo21

2. "All these expensive dishes, in which the main price is gold leaf on top. I want to try an expensive dessert in which the price is justified by complex cooking techniques and special ingredients, while the gold foil adds absolutely nothing to the taste," — randomnameandanumber

3. "Lobsters. Maybe it's because I live where they are caught the most, but I don't understand why people are so turned on them. Yes, they are not bad, but it seems to me that they are more often wanted because of their price than for the sake of taste. And they have such a high price because of how long they are caught and delivered, and not because of the taste," - Footinthecrease

Photo: Lawrence Aritao / Unsplash

4. "Icing sugar on the cake. If the pastry chef did everything right, then it looks beautiful — but it still tastes terrible," — sauceboss412

5. "Truffle. Yes, sometimes a little truffle improves the dish, but some just don't know the measure. Truffle oil, truffle chips, truffle emulsion — no one needs so much truffle, let's be honest" — galegalondres

6. "Overly complicated rolls and sushi with a bunch of ingredients. Just give me nigiri The simplest sushi: a lump of rice and a piece of fish, omelet or other filling on top , and I'll be happy. I don't want to try your experimental "California" with fried octopus eggs and Norwegian cheese," — MadisonPearGarden

Photo: Hong Anh Duong / Unsplash

7. "Fo. Just listen to the Vietnamese: this is not our best dish and not even our best soup. If you like Pho, try Boon Bo Hue — it's a different spicy, but more complex soup. I always tell people: if Fo is a warm embrace of a friend, then Boon Bo Hue is a passionate kiss from a lover" — BenTenInches

8. "Sturgeon. Many consider it the best fish and a real delicacy, but let's be honest: it doesn't taste so good. I will choose salmon in any situation, not sturgeon," — salzich

9. "Caviar, especially black. For the price of a couple of spoons, you can have lunch together in a good restaurant. Fish eggs are not good enough to prefer them to normal food," — Beeeeeater

Photo: Cristiano Pinto / Unsplash

10. "Steaks on the bone. I like to cook on the grill and for many years I have heard how the bones inside improve the taste of meat. But when I tried it, I found out that the taste doesn't change much, and you just paid a lot of money for a tomahawk, in which 50% of the weight is bone. Moreover, with medium roasting, the meat of the bone will be dark red and not ready at all: it's like chewing an undivided bull. I have conducted several experiments with my grill with different temperatures and have not seen any advantages," — MoistLobst3r

And what dishes or products do you consider the most overrated? Tell us in the comments!

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