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Fashion rules for men

16 May 2023, 20:55, parser
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1. Don't wear your gadgets on your belt

Only Batman wears all his possessions on his belt. And Superman wears underpants over tights. They can.

2. Do not wear shoes with square socks

Square people with square socks are found today only in Lego.

3. Wear clothes according to size

A big jacket will not add muscle to you, and tight trousers will not make you slimmer. Pay attention to the sizes on the tags, they were not invented by fools.

4. A thick wallet is not a sign of wealth

There are a lot of tasteless things in the world, but few things can compare to a thick wallet full of all sorts of shit. Throw out all receipts, parking tickets, photos and other garbage, and carry money and credit cards, for example, in a clip.

5. Do not wear bright socks

Avoid bright socks at all costs, unless you have been invited as a clown to a children's party.

6. Never wear socks with sandals

Oh, this classic puncture of our scouts. Don't repeat their mistakes!

7. Lower the collar and do not unbutton more than two buttons

Leave the image of hot macho movie heroes. It looks incredibly stupid, but they get paid for it.

8. The color of the shoes and the color of the belt must match

9. Wear sportswear in suitable occasions

In general, sports equipment is designed for physical activity.

10. Don't wear jeans with a denim jacket


This combination was once the height of coolness. Only 30 years ago.

11. Never wear jeans and light sneakers

Well, unless you're Steve Jobs, of course.

12. Do not wear trousers that do not allow you to take a full step

Here we will also add their opposite — trousers with a hanging motney from the teletubbies' dressing room.

13. Don't wear pseudo-aged things

The difference between your favorite old jeans and specially worn pants at the factory is about the same as between homemade pastries and a pie from the transition.

14. White socks and black shoes? Never!

Only Michael Jackson could afford it. But he's gone.

15. Be moderate with odors

Do not use your deodorant as a chemical weapon of mass destruction. The world is so fragile.

Do you have anything to add? We invite all fashion connoisseurs and owners of fine taste to discuss!

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