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8 reasons to stop watching TV

04 May 2023, 05:53, parser
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In the era of the appearance and first steps of television, it seemed to many that this technology was the final chord in the development of culture. Experts did not doubt the imminent death of books, theater and cinema, and enthusiastic spectators sat in rows in front of television screens, the size of which did not exceed a saucer. A lot of time has passed since then, televisions have acquired huge color screens, surround sound and the same image, but the planned death of all the arts still does not happen.

Moreover, recently watching TV has become a sign of bad taste. Today, no one will be surprised by the statement «I don't watch TV ». The refusal to watch television even becomes a sign of a certain elevation, a sign of culture and the presence of intelligence. What's going on?

1. Television devours your time

At first, viewers watched the programs when they had free time. Then they came up with TV series and the audience began to live when there is free time from the TV.

Different studies give us different statistics, but they are all equally terrible. A modern city dweller spends several hours a day watching TV shows, which makes up most of his free time. That is, the life of a modern person mainly consists of three processes: work, sleep and TV. It's great, isn't it?

Imagine that you spend 2-3 hours in the gym every day. Communicating with the family. For an interesting book or writing a novel. For the development of its perpetual motion machine. Now forget it. You'll never do any of this if you're a TV addict.

By the way, don't you think that each new episode of your favorite TV series acts on you like a dose on a drug addict: calms the burning sensation for an hour, and then you are already hungry for a new dose?

2. TV makes you dumb

Prolonged excessive consumption of television depresses our brain. The complete absence of brain activity aimed at decision-making and creation, replaced only by passive consumption of information, turns a person into a plant. You can give a bunch of links to prove this statement, but it's better to just remember your condition after sitting in front of the screen for a long time. Lethargy, lethargy, confused thoughts, drowsiness. TV zombies.

3. TV makes you worse

Modern producers have well internalized the idea that people are most attracted to sex, fear and greed and make full use of these lures.

Blood gushes from the screens, voluptuous moans have to be muffled, and millions of poor people are going to stare at the raffle of wealth.

Yes, there are still a couple of sensible programs on some channels, but they do not make weather on TV and their closure is only a matter of time. Most of the TV content does not bring any positive into your life, but only awakens low feelings. Do you need it?

4. Informational overdose

We have already written recently about the benefits of an information diet. Television doesn't just make you an information glutton, it cripples you. Remember how you sat in front of the TV yesterday and watched a movie, then a show. Advertisement. News.

Each commercial break, each news release consists of separate short stories, separate stories that have been poured and mixed in your head. In an evening, you get so much completely useless information that there is no room for useful information.

5. Advertising

Pills, pads, beer, bank, beer, soda, pads, beer, pills, cars, coffee, soda, supermarket, pads, beer, Nokia, tablets… and again in a circle.

Aren't you tired of it?

Yes, I know, advertising allows you to shoot programs and show them to viewers for free. But what is happening now on the screen is already beyond this explanation.On some channels, advertising accounts for up to 50% of every hour of broadcasting. Watching an hour and a half movie turns into an activity for the whole evening, and the show of stars stretches until the stars appear in the sky. Isn't it too much to pay for the right to watch dubious programs?

6. Television makes you more unhappy

Oh, these series! For housewives — soap, for fashionistas — glamorous, for intellectuals — Dr. House and Explosion. You begin to follow someone else's life with curiosity, then it fascinates you, then it becomes a part of you. Other people's quarrels and truces, weddings and divorces, other people's thoughts and other people's feelings. And now the TV heroine becomes closer to the person sleeping next to her on the pillow. I think that if we devoted as much time to our loved ones as to moving pictures, then there would be an order of magnitude less divorces.

 7. TV makes you poorer

The disadvantage of TV is not even that advertising forces us to buy things that we don't need. A much bigger problem is that you are completely unwittingly, on a subconscious level, imbued with the spirit of consumerism in the most unsightly sense of the word.

The blind race for other people's valuables makes our wallets empty, but does not bring happiness.

The TV inspires us that the level of a person completely coincides with the price of a watch on his hand, and the most correct dream in life is the latest model of a car of a fashionable brand.

8. Your life is more important than the schedule of broadcasts

Hardcore fans of TV shows have long been accustomed to the fact that their lives are dictated by the schedule of television programs. If there is a favorite show on Wednesdays, then a walk in the park is postponed to another day. From Tuesday to Saturday there is a TV series of the wife — these days it is better not to approach her. While the commercial break has begun, we need to have time to quickly call our parents. That's just it becomes not quite clear who is the master of your life — you or the program director of the TV channel?

So what should I do now?

The purpose of this article is not at all to agitate you to completely abandon watching TV and take it to the landfill. It is more important that you just think about what the TV really gives you and what it deprives you of. After considering all the pros and cons, you have to decide for yourself what to do. Perhaps some will not consider it necessary to change anything, others will simply reduce the time of TV sitting, others will refuse to broadcast and switch to watching only selected programs on the record.

What is your choice?

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