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About Everything Wiki » Life » 6 reasons to have a personal diary

6 reasons to have a personal diary

03 May 2023, 16:30, parser
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What associations arise in your head when you hear the word "diary"?

I'm sure it's either something to do with school, or with romantic girls stealthily writing poetry in a notebook under their pillow. Meanwhile, keeping a personal diary can be useful not only for schoolchildren and writers, but also for you. Moreover, it can really change you and your attitude towards the world. Below you will find six reasons why you should start taking daily notes of your life.

In our digital age, when the tools of information fixation are experiencing a real revolution, the forms of diary keeping can be very different and largely depend on your preferences. Someone may want to record videos or sound clips for this, others will prefer to use one of the many special programs or online services, others will remain faithful to a good paper diary and pen.

No matter what tools you use, the main thing is strict adherence to two principles that have remained unchanged since the days of candles and goose feathers. Firstly, the diary must be personal, that is, inaccessible to a wide range of people, and secondly, you must be extremely honest with yourself, otherwise it all loses all meaning.

So, what benefits can you derive from keeping a diary?

What do you really feel?

A diary can help you realize and formulate your feelings, usually hidden deep inside. Modern life often has such a pace that a person rushes like a horse at a race, ignoring his emotions and feelings. And as a result, we have constant stress and mental breakdowns. Now you will have legitimate time for introspection, which will give you a deeper and more realistic view of yourself, your life and work.

Point of view

A flurry of information falls on us from all sides, which contains dozens of very different opinions on different topics. The only trouble is that these are all other people's opinions. And what do you personally think? Do you have time to formulate your point of view on the important topics of the day?

Let out a couple

Sometimes there are really difficult days. You are annoyed, confused, defeated, angry, confused. It's even possible that you can't talk to someone close about it. If you keep everything inside, it will drive you crazy. Throw out your emotions on paper. Then read it and smile.

Life is a cool thing!

We read and hear a lot of fascinating stories about different people. Why not write a bestseller called «The Story of My Life»? Imagine that your diary will be published after… well, sometime later, and try to fill it with such events so that future readers can't tear themselves away. This is a great way to make your life more interesting and deeper.

Hi, my name is…

Yes, do you really know well who you are? Are you sure about your desires and goals? Get to know your real self. Many people are so entwined in official and family obligations that for them the delivery of the annual report and the purchase of a fur coat to his wife can overshadow their real dreams. It's time to sit down and think (and be sure to write down) about your real aspirations. And a lot, a lot, carefully, but strictly, to erase from your life.

The message

Imagine that you were digging through the junk in the attic and found your father's personal diary. You drop everything and, unable to tear yourself away, flip through page after page until the evening. Here he meets your mother … here is your birth… here is worried about work… complains about health… Presented?

So why do you deprive your children of these feelings? They need to know about you and what you really were.

Do you keep a diary?

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