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Self-PR recipes for startups and small businesses

02 May 2023, 11:37, parser
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We present to you a guest post authored by Ivan Drobyshev — entrepreneur, consultant of venture funds and accelerators on social and media relations, ex-journalist of "Rain".

Like it or not, business is constantly involved in public communications. You can approach the issue of PR in a meaningful way, studying what customers and investors think about you, or let everything take its course and watch how you are bypassed by hyped competitors. If your clients are large companies, they should know that they can trust you. But how can they trust you if your company has been on the market for several years?

In this case, profile articles in major media and the expert status of the head of the company will help. Media awareness is also your weapon against competitors. Well, working with venture and business publications will allow you to grow in the eyes of investors.

Create an association

First, look at what was written about your company, where it was mentioned. To do this, it is enough to monitor search engines. Secondly, check the founder's own name and surname, see what the algorithm outputs. You should associate yourself with what you are doing now, look at your photos on social networks or create business profiles on LinkedIn or Facebook*. Set notifications in the name of your company and competitors in the search engine — so you will be aware of all the latest changes.

Write a press kit

Today, everyone knows about elevator pitch, a brief (3-5 minutes) speech about technology, the team and their offer to the investor. By the same principle — briefly and as clearly as possible — you should be able to describe your project.

In a one-page text, write what kind of company you are, what mission, what industry you work in, what is your innovation and what is the potential market. Add your details, contacts and competencies. What you understand and what you can comment on. For example, industrial robotics or the market of educational projects in Western Europe. Test your theses on relatives or friends, get an outside opinion from people who are not too familiar with your company. A journalist, like an investor, probably 99% does not understand your technology, which means that you need to be able to explain the principle even to a child.


Of course, it is not always possible to create a prototype and it is available at the first stage, but it is still necessary to strive for this. Create a 3D model or a very beautiful sketch - this investment will pay off in full. Agree, it is better to bring a working robot once than to tell about it a hundred times.

Find your journalist

And hold on to it!

Previously, all PR people worked on the principle of "collect a database of 1,000 contacts and make press releases every week." Now the situation has changed: if you are not the presidential administration, then your official releases are unlikely to be needed by anyone.

Look at what publications you read and think about what your clients and investors are reading. Take a closer look at these publications, find several journalists whose articles are close to you on the subject, and write to them. Send the prepared materials, images of the technology, a description and do not hesitate to say the main points in a telephone conversation. Offer to write about the technology, but do not be upset if they refuse you for the first time and make it clear that they are not interested in it.

When you find the same journalist who writes about your segment or about the same companies, he can become a valuable adviser and help you with promotion. You can also search for journalists on social networks, and not only in the Editorial section on the website. In social networks, you will be able to better understand his professional interests, but do not forget about etiquette — it is better to write about work by email.

Promote through partners

Look for partners. If your business is somehow connected with larger and already well-known players in the market, then use this to your advantage. Get acquainted with their press service or marketing department and offer to write together about a cooperation agreement or, if this is your client, about a contract. You offer innovation, and the big players must maintain the image of a dynamic company. You also need to cover the news about a deal or partnership with a major player as best as possible.

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