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About Everything Wiki » iOS » How to create a shared album on iPhone

How to create a shared album on iPhone

20 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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Shared albums are useful if you need to share photos with family, colleagues, friends or other groups of people. The function is suitable for both one-time and regular use: you can show pictures from vacation, or you can always keep your family and family informed of your life when you are not around.

To use shared albums, it is not necessary to have a paid iCloud subscription and generally enable the "iCloud Photos" or "My Photo Stream" function — the main thing is that there is enough free space in the cloud.

How to create a shared album on iPhone

Open Settings → Apple ID and then iCloud.

Tap on the "Photos" line and make sure that the "Shared Albums" toggle switch is on.

In the Photos app, switch to the Albums tab, tap "+" and select "New Shared Album". Enter the name and click "Next".

Tap "+" and select from the list of contacts with whom you want to share the pictures, then tap "Create". A new one will appear on the Albums tab in the General section.

How to share photos via shared album on iPhone

Open the album and select the pictures you want to share. Click "Add".

If desired, attach a comment and tap "Publish" — the photos will immediately appear in the album. To add new ones, just click on the "+" and repeat the procedure. If you want to delete any of the pictures, tap the "Select" button, specify the ones you need and click on the trash icon.

How to set up or delete a shared album on iPhone

To manage the album, tap on the contact icon and use the available options:

  • At the very top, you can view the list of users who see your photos and invite new people using the button of the same name.
  • If you disable the "Publish by subscribers" toggle switch, then the exchange will be one—way - friends will see your pictures, but will not be able to add their own.
  • The "Open Website" setting allows you to post photos to iCloud — so that not only invited users can see them, but everyone to whom you give a link.
  • With the Notifications toggle turned on, you will receive messages when new photos from other participants appear in the album.
  • The "Delete album" button is only available to the owner, that is, you. When deleted, the pictures will disappear from the shared album, but will remain in your gallery.

This material was first published in December 2014. In December 2023, we updated the text.

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