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About Everything Wiki » iOS » New apps and games for iOS: the best of April

New apps and games for iOS: the best of April

08 Jun 2023, 00:03, parser
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1. Creativit

A digital whiteboard for visualizing ideas and fixing thoughts, which will always be at hand. Creativit will help you plan work on creative projects or serve as a convenient mudboard for inspiration, where it is easy to add various content — text, links, images, files.

2. Pockity

A simple expense manager with an intuitive interface that will allow you to take control of your finances. With Pockity, you can quickly add transactions by choosing different sources for payment, as well as use ready-made expense categories, view statistics and configure recurring payments.

3. TimeWave

Cyclic timer with fully customizable periods. It can be used for interval training, meditation or yoga, cooking, as well as alternating work sessions and rest to achieve maximum productivity.

4. Dex

A useful application for owners of cats, dogs and other pets. Dex will help you monitor the health of your pets and remind you about a routine checkup with a veterinarian or vaccination. You can also keep a record of the animal's weight or medication intake. Thanks to the widgets, all important information will always be visible.

5. Upnext

A small extension for Notion users, thanks to which you can send any content from the browser, social networks, podcasts and other applications to your Notion storage. The addition takes place in just a couple of touches through the standard "Share" menu.


1. Super Meat Boy Forever

A dynamic platformer about a Meat kid who saves his daughter this time. As in the previous games in the series, this part is characterized by hardcore complexity and a hellish concentration of traps on the levels. Explore them, fight bosses and find all the secrets.

2. Baldur’s Gate — Dark Alliance

A wonderful port of the cult action‑RPG with a dark atmosphere and an interesting story. Choosing one of three character classes, you will embark on a dangerous but fascinating journey for a mysterious artifact. Cities and dungeons, battles with monsters and chests full of loot are waiting for you.

3. Down in Bermuda

A colorful puzzle about a pilot who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. To get out of the time trap and return home, he will have to crack codes and solve the riddles of six mysterious islands, simultaneously exploring the picturesque area.

Download QR-Code
Developer: Yak & co
Price: 199.00 rubles

4. Everlife

An interesting life simulator in which you will go the full way from birth to death of a person. Your decisions will influence the further development of the plot. Create a unique character and build a career and relationships, coping with unexpected twists of fate.

5. Raging Bytes

An exciting RPG about survival in a post-apocalyptic world filled with bloodthirsty zombies. You play as a police officer who wakes up in the hospital after an incident. The hero is trying to survive, simultaneously understanding what is happening and interacting with other surviving residents of the city.

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