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About Everything Wiki » iOS » Enthusiasts have figured out which watch face Tim Cook uses for the Apple Watch

Enthusiasts have figured out which watch face Tim Cook uses for the Apple Watch

10 Jun 2023, 00:07, parser
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Ever wanted to find out how Tim Cook's Apple Watch is configured? Thanks to fresh photos of the Apple CEO from a trip to India, enthusiasts from the Cult of Mac managed to recreate the dial of his watch exactly. And you can do it too.

It seems that Cook took the "Infograph" as a basis and configured the extensions for himself. It is noteworthy that only half of them display information, the rest are icons for quick access to applications.

A standard "Infographic" (left) and a modified one, like Tim Cook's (right). Illustration: Daria Gromova / Lifehacker

Here's how to set up Apple Watch dial extensions like Tim Cook's:

  • Top left: last viewed promotion.
  • Top right: temperature.
  • Bottom left: training.
  • Bottom right: activity.
  • Subscale from above: your schedule.
  • Subscale on the left: oxygen in the blood.
  • Subscale on the right: ECG.
  • Subscale at the bottom: "House".

Such a dial can be configured on any Apple Watch, starting with the Series 4, but for full compliance you will need at least the sixth generation: only an ECG and a SpO2 sensor appeared in it. Although Tim Cook uses the Apple Watch Ultra, on smaller devices such a dial does not look overloaded. For example, here it is on the Series 6 (41 mm) with Cyrillic:

Photo: Daria Gromova / Life hacker

And what is the dial on your Apple Watch? Share photos and screenshots in the comments!

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