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About Everything Wiki » iOS » The battery in the iPhone 3GS turned out to be weak

The battery in the iPhone 3GS turned out to be weak

03 May 2023, 06:20, parser
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The recently announced iPhone 3GS smartphone offers customers many new features. But one of the disadvantages of the device is a weak battery. This is told for The Los Angeles Times by author David Sarno (David Sarno). The battery in the iPhone 3GS turned out to be weak.

As it turned out, the phone barely lasts one day without recharging, so the battery can be considered the most vulnerable place of Apple's main brainchild. Users learned about the flaw from their own experience, because more than 1 million iPhones of the new version were sold in the first weekend after its release.

Even on the website of the company itself, there are tips for users on how to extend the battery life without recharging. Namely, Apple engineers suggest disabling most of the advertised functions, including the vaunted 3G technology.

Industry workers and outside experts outlined a complex scheme of technical and bureaucratic restrictions that caused the fact that after two years of operation and after the release of three generations of the smartphone, its battery is weaker than in the first version.

According to Allen Nogee, senior analyst of the wireless technology department at the independent agency In-Stat, "The problem with the battery is that it is impossible to enclose too much energy in a small space. Otherwise, the battery will overheat and may even melt. At the moment there is no solution to this problem."

Website , which offers visitors tips on self-repair and upgrade of Apple equipment, and other similar companies disassembled the iPhone 3GS on the day of its release and found out that the battery in the new phone model is 15% less than in the original iPhone.

The new model is still as compact and thin as the iPhone 3G, while the filling has become more powerful, so Apple developers could easily sacrifice the quality of the battery in favor of reducing the weight of the phone, analysts say. Battery life in the new iPhone disappointed customers who stood in line for hours to purchase the latest model. And although in certain tasks the battery life is slightly longer than in the previous version of the iPhone, this is clearly not enough.

Buyers such as 27-year-old Gary Angie (Gary Ng) are surprised at what their money is being spent on. "If people spend a thousand dollars a year for two years to use 3GS, they probably expect that the battery in their new phones will last much longer." Mr. Angie does not hesitate to express his indignation, because he is not only a fan of Apple products, but also the author of a blog about the iPhone in Vancouver (British Columbia).

The battery life in a cell phone depends on how the owner uses his mobile device. A lot of energy is consumed by long and numerous calls, voluminous electronic and simple text messages and frequent use of the Internet. So the average battery life is difficult to determine, it all depends on the consumer.

If the new iPhone 3GS was used only for calls, its battery would work only an hour less than the battery in the original version. Consumer Reports magazine writes about this. But people don't buy an iPhone just to talk on it. According to Consumer Reports editor Paul Reynolds, do not forget about network functions. After all, there are more of them in the new smartphone than in any other phone.

"Battery life strongly depends on which applications are used, and therefore it often varies significantly," says Natalie Harrison, an Apple official.

Despite its name, the iPhone is rather not a phone, but a pocket computer with high performance characteristics. And telephone communication is just one of its functions. In addition to the built-in camera for recording videos, GPS system and the ability to send e-mail, consumers can equip the phone with more than 50 thousand different applications. These are iPhone programs created by independent developers. Many of these applications, such as video games, actively exploit the processor of the device and its touch screen. According to analyst Charles Golvin from Forrester Research Inc., it is the screen that is the strongest consumer of battery power in the iPhone 3GS.

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