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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » Before and after: 15 examples of impressive transformation of houses and plots

Before and after: 15 examples of impressive transformation of houses and plots

21 Jan 2024, 12:00, parser
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Instagram*-the Before&After Design account regularly publishes photos and videos of renovation of houses and plots from different designers. In some cases, the source code is bare walls, in others the task was to work as much as possible with what is there and not make major changes. We have collected several vivid examples of such transformations.

1. A great option for zoning space without additional walls.

2. The changes are minimal, but the kitchen has sparkled with new colors and has become more functional.

3. The living room began to look much more spacious.

4. And another great example of the transformation of the living room.

5. And this is an interesting example of working almost from scratch.

6. Here the owners decided to renovate the whole house at once (the other rooms and the backyard are in the carousel).

7. It's unclear who decided that the "before" option was a good color combination, but it turned out to be cozy and modern.

8. Another renovation of the kitchen-dining room.

9. The design of this house was created, in fact, from scratch.

10. There was a lot more light in this bathroom right away.

11. And this is an option for working with a much more modest bathroom.

12. The terrace makes everything better.

13. Now there will be a lot more people in this gazebo.

14. From a boring backyard to a great relaxation area with a swimming pool.

15. Another similar story.

Bonus: an equally impressive transformation of the exterior.

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