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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » No excuses: "Everything that is done is for the best" – interview with traveler Yuri Kurko

No excuses: "Everything that is done is for the best" – interview with traveler Yuri Kurko

04 May 2023, 08:50, parser
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Yuriy Kurko (the Great) is an economist from Kiev, who built a successful political career. A spinal injury turned his life upside down, and a year ago he left for Thailand in search of health and spiritual harmony.

We talked with Yura about travel, Thailand and the inner potential of a person.

– Hello, Yuri! How are you feeling?"

– Hello, Nastya! Great! I'm sitting in a cafe on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand and I'm ready to answer your questions.

– Then we'll move on to them. You're in Thailand now, but where are you from?

– I was born in the city of Svetlovodsk, Kirovograd region, Ukraine. I lived there for half my life, and after graduation, my family and I moved to Kiev. Both of these cities are beloved and dear to me.

I also have two native surnames. According to my passport, I am Kurko, but on the Internet I am known by my mother's last name — Great.

– Where did you go to study after school?

– I entered the Academy of Municipal Administration at the Faculty of Economics, specialty finance.

In the 4th year he completed an internship in the program "Students for Parliament". For three years he worked as an assistant to a people's deputy in the Committee on Finance and Banking in the Supreme Council of Ukraine. After that , I was engaged in the state . procurement, conducted tenders.

Good prospects were opening up. I was planning to build a political career, but, as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

Yuri Kurko:
Yuri Kurko: "Before the injury, I was tall, athletic"

Internal potential

– What changed your plans?

– Accident. We were traveling with friends to rest in the Crimea – crashed, got injured.

I spent six months in intensive care and after that I weighed 60 kilograms at most, before the accident I was 95 kg, I played sports, I was slim. Now my lack of aesthetics does not please me, probably because by nature I am an aesthete, and at one time I graduated from art school.

Then I spent 9 months in the Crimea, but already in a sanatorium for rehabilitation.

– Did it take a long time to learn to live in a new way?

– The first year I just didn't believe that it was me, that all this was happening to me. You wake up, you think I'm going to put the kettle on, and then you remember that you can't walk... and you don't believe it.

As time passes, it comes to an understanding that everything that is done is for the best. Only we always understand it after the fact.

– How is it?

The trauma has radically changed my life. It was she who gave me the impetus for spiritual development. I've had a lot of time to think. There was a reassessment of values.

– Why didn't you get angry: a young handsome guy, enviable career prospects and everything is derailed?

– Yes, because life is beautiful and amazing, anyway. To reach the top, sometimes you need to reach the very bottom to push off. I realized, among others, one important thing: that the main and basic meaning of life lies precisely in spiritual development. There are many such as I was, young and ambitious. Unfortunately, most people live simply because life happens to them without realizing it.

But every person has an inner potential, which he does not even suspect. Sometimes, in order to reveal it and show a person what he can be, God throws us such "surprises", confronting us with difficulties, thanks to which we develop, since there is no choice – either up or down, the third is not given.

At the same time, someone finds the strength and opens up, someone, alas, begins to look for excuses, to look for those responsible for their problems and failures. After all, when we are successful, we believe that it is our merit – we hang medals on our chest. When not, someone or something is always to blame.

– What does it depend on: environment, character, education?

– Everything is individual. First of all, it depends on your inner core, character, life position, ability to prioritize, but also on the environment in which you grow up, and many, many factors. Relatives help someone, someone copes on their own, friends play a huge role here. But, again, we have a huge potential. The main thing is to see the goal, strive, work on yourself, and, of course, believe.

Yuri Kurko:
Yuri Kurko: "Everyone has potential"

One-way ticket

– Yura, how did you end up in Thailand?

– I came to rehab, to recover, to get back on my feet. I was in Israel, I was in Germany, there is good treatment, but expensive. After visiting just one Thai massage session in Kiev, it became clear – this is mine, Thai massage works wonders for me.

I arrived in Pattaya. Rented a place.

I didn't know how long I was in Thailand – I had a one-way ticket.

It's been a year, and I'm not going back. :)

– Did Ty fall in love with himself?

– Yes. Tai is beautiful! It gives a lot of opportunities. Here you can live and enjoy life, and not fight for survival. Thais are kind and smiling, united. The Slavs should learn this from them, they are a mountain for each other.

In addition, Thailand is the sea, the sun, a warm climate, fruits all year round, massages and oriental medicine. All this creates excellent opportunities for the rehabilitation of people who have been injured.

– Is that why you decided to organize a business?

– Not only. During the year I visited a huge number of massage parlors and realized that only a few massage therapists do a truly competent massage. Besides, I know how many people in Russia and Ukraine need help. Therefore, we immediately included charity in the project, since not all those in need can afford to come to rehabilitation.

Yuri in Cambodia
Yuri in Cambodia

– What are the services of your team?

– We meet at the airport, rent accommodation, schedule training sessions and organize them, organize leisure. We have found a first-class swimming coach, a physical therapy specialist, a fitness trainer, we have a swimming pool and a gym, as well as a modern speedboard for trips to the islands. We take people to massages because there is an interesting feature in Thailand – a good masseur will never come to a client, you need to come to him after signing up.

– Jura, how are things in Thailand with a barrier-free environment? Will a disabled person, having arrived there for rehabilitation or just to relax, experience difficulties with this?

– It depends on the degree of limitation of possibilities. There are no difficulties for me, as I can overcome almost any curb. For passive wheelchair users, it may be a little difficult. But, oddly enough, things are pretty good with ramps in Thailand. Of course, there are unequipped shops or there are shops with 1-2 steps, but everywhere there are Thais who are willing to help. :)

No time for excuses

– Yura, our special project is called "No excuses". How do you understand this phrase?

– Making excuses means doing nothing. I recently returned from Cambodia, which is famous for its ancient Khmer cities (Angkor and its surroundings).

You look at these ancient walls that have been seeing sunsets and sunrises for centuries, year after year, day after day, and you realize that you are a grain of sand, your life is very short, time is short and it is priceless and there is no time to justify yourself, you need to act to achieve something in life.

– Tell us about your plans for the future?

– I don't want to make God laugh again, but I want our project to be successful, and as many people as possible could improve their health in Thailand.

– Finally, according to tradition, Yuri, wish something to the readers of the Life Hacker.

Remember: there is a huge potential in each of you. You can achieve anything you want. Therefore, enjoy life, be happy in every moment of it, and travel as much as possible! After all, life is beautiful and amazing in all its manifestations.

– Thank you for the conversation!

– And thank you, Nastya, it was nice to talk and be sure to come to Thailand for a rest!

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