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About Everything Wiki » Holidays » 10 original gift ideas for the New Year

10 original gift ideas for the New Year

25 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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1. Scratch poster

Any content can be hidden under the erasable protective layer on such posters. For example, lists of movies, TV series, or books. If you give one, then a person will not have to choose for a long time what to watch or read in the evening.

There are also options for gourmets and party lovers — with dishes of different cuisines and cocktails. Well, if the recipient of the gift is a very active person, then he may need a poster with a to-do list that guarantees new emotions and impressions.

What to buy

2. An unusual stuffed toy

Choose not standard, but fun toys. The more unusual they are, the better. A plush moth, a surreal banana goose, a pigeon in the colors of a tiger — why not!

What to buy

3. Eau de toilette with an interesting aroma

Perfume with the smell of a zombie or a kitten basking in the sun — few people imagine what such fragrances are, so the recipient will be at least intrigued.

What to buy

4. Night light

A magic ball with lightning bolts or a night light with decorative moss will not only dispel the darkness in the room, but also serve as an unusual decor. Models combined with a picture of falling sand will also become a good antistress.

What to buy

5. A set of sweets

Approach the gift with imagination and take a closer look at sweets from other countries. Or give a person a set of hits from the 90s - instant YUPI or Invite, edible watches, Turbo chewing gum and other unhealthy but nostalgic goodies.

What to buy

6. Dengomet

A funny souvenir that will allow the recipient of the gift to feel like a real gangsta and throw money around. A pack of banknotes from the kit is placed in a special compartment of a plastic pistol. When you pull the trigger, the bills effectively fly around the room.

What to buy

7. Board Game

Many people already have UNO, Carcassonne, Mafia and other popular board games. You can look towards simpler party games: birpong, "I've never..." or "What a meme you are." You will be able to try this out at the next holiday.

What to buy

8. Creative kit

As a gift, sets for working with epoxy resin or alcoholic ink, wool embroidery or paintings by numbers with unbroken plots are suitable. Usually, such kits already have everything you need, so you don't have to buy anything more.

What to buy

9. A gift that is not what it seems

A flask of binoculars or a box for wine – matryoshka can be left even on the desktop, and they will not arouse suspicion. Another idea is a fake vibrator styled like lipstick, a perfume bottle or an artificial flower in a pot.

What to buy

10. Vase of interesting shape

Few people wake up in the morning with the desire to immediately order a vase in the form of Voldemort's head on the marketplace. But many people would certainly not refuse to accept such a souvenir as a gift. Choose a vase as a gift, which will not only perform its direct function, but also complement the interior simply with its appearance.

What to buy

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