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About Everything Wiki » Holidays » Getting ready for the New Year: classification of unsuccessful gifts

Getting ready for the New Year: classification of unsuccessful gifts

03 May 2023, 12:52, parser
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They say that giving gifts is much more pleasant than receiving. Someone may disagree with this, but I really like to make gifts for the occasion and just like that. If you know a person well, it will not be a problem to give him something pleasant. But what to do when you need to choose a gift for someone you either don't know or don't really like? This is where we come to a dead end. I don't want to give banalities, but I also want to make special efforts.

To alleviate such torments, lists of gifts that should not be given are compiled. Except, of course, when you know for sure that the person really wanted to get this thing.

Gawker has made its own classification of unsuccessful gifts and divided them into 5 types.


It's good to give a tie to someone who collects them, or you've definitely heard how much I like this tie!» and we saw exactly which tie the future recipient of the gift is looking at. In another case, it will be an empty gift, which shows that you absolutely did not strain yourself when choosing and used a standard cliche.

In addition to the fact that a tie may simply not fit the shirts and suits available, it may also turn out that a person wears it only to work and even then because the corporate dress code obliges so. And outside the office, he prefers to avoid ties that remind him of work in every possible way.

Perfume set

I remember well how we painfully chose a gift for a friend, since he always kept his preferences to himself. Probably, he just enjoyed watching our suffering every time when choosing a gift. And every time we wanted to give him toilet water, or a standard set of deodorant + shower gel, our mothers stopped us with the words "You can't give this! With such a gift, you hint that it smells unpleasant!" It sounds a little silly and unconvincing until you start hearing such statements not only from your moms.

You can give toilet water only if you are 100% sure that it is a welcome gift.

Story #1. Being in the third month of pregnancy, I received toilet water as a gift. Perhaps, if I didn't have toxicosis, I would be incredibly happy with such generosity. But it was the most unfortunate moment that could have been chosen. As a result, until now, as soon as I hear a similar smell, I start to feel terribly sick.

Story #2. One of my very good friends offered to give me the toilet water given to her husband. Zhenya knew that my husband would really like this smell, since he had exactly the same toilet water and he lamented her death (there was very little left in the bottle). Toilet water was given with the words: "The patient is dying under this..." — this meant that despite the fashion and high cost of the gift, her husband felt sick from this smell. You don't want your gift to be given to someone else, do you?

Story #3. They gave toilet water to one of our friends with absolutely pure intentions, since she never smelled of anything. As a result, it turned out that she is allergic and because of this she does not use toilet water at all.

Sex shop toys

For girls, this is not a gift option at all. Unless only in the form of an additional and cheerful appendage. And if it's also your girlfriend, then you need to be 100% sure that she will understand your intentions correctly. Giving such a toy to the boss is generally unacceptable.

Something intangible

Giving a girl a star is very romantic. But I think it would be nice to attach something tangible to the star named after her. For example, an engagement ring. If you think that I am absolutely not romantic and mercantile, you are only half right. I really love romance, but also gifts. Let it be better if it's a somehow made-up postcard — it's better than a star in the sky anyway!

MP3 player

I don't know what's wrong with the Gawker iPod or any other MP3 player. I would not refuse such a gift. But, like a tie, it is considered banal. Such a gift will suit a music lover or a person who casually mentioned that he would like to have something similar to listen to audio books or podcasts. In another case, it will be another useless thing that will either be transferred or hidden on the farthest shelf in the closet.

In addition to the above points, I want to add one more from myself.


I really love cats. Let's just say that I love all sorts of cats, but as my pet I did not imagine some ephemeral cat. For this case, I had a portrait drawn up, which included the length of the coat and its color, the color of the eyes and, of course, the sex of the animal. Because I've been thinking up a name for her for a long time. Yes, for her! And I didn't stop telling all my friends about my future pet. But absolutely not for the purpose of getting a cat as a gift. I know perfectly well that an animal should not just be presented. It should be chosen by the owner, a meeting of kindred spirits should take place.

As a result, I received as a gift what I was chattering about incessantly. More precisely, the complete opposite. Instead of a black shorthair cat, I got... a fluffy and striped cat. So now there is an addition in our family in the men's company! The givers chose a pet that was almost like two drops of water similar to their beloved cat.

Of course, I love my cat very much and would not give it to anyone. But some with a completely calm heart can give it to someone else.

Before you give an animal to your friends' child, you should ask if this is part of their plans.

And what gifts do you classify as stupid and unsuccessful? Once in the subway I saw a New Year's advertisement for bio-toilets with a very inspiring slogan «A good gift to relatives, colleagues and the director ». Share your list ;)

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