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About Everything Wiki » Holidays » We make gifts to our loved ones and treats for Valentine's Day with our own hands

We make gifts to our loved ones and treats for Valentine's Day with our own hands

03 May 2023, 12:50, parser
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On the nose of St. Valentina. In order to diversify this holiday, you can add a little Handmade romance to the standard sets of «perfume-dinner-cultural program ». Well, you will agree that in addition to a purchased gift, it is very, very nice to receive a small gift or a postcard made by a loved one or a very nice person to you. We will not stop at bulky and absolutely unnecessary things (we will not clutter up the territory). It's better to go through the postcards and interesting things that can either be carefully stored (postcards), or admired and eventually sent into oblivion.


So, let's start with postcards. The very first, and especially liked by us, is a little geeky postcard. How exactly to make it in the source is not said, but how good is the phrase written on it. Hits the heart like Cupid's arrow, doesn't it?




You can also make an original postcard with silhouettes using your photos.





Did you give your beloved flowers? And now you can also give a tree of your love. Girls can also do this for their beloved men. You can even just cut hearts out of paper, and write something nice on the back, in the theme of the holiday.





In addition, it is customary to give gifts in a beautiful package. If you are tired of the standard boxes for sweets in the shape of hearts, you are welcome to contact us. We have a box template in .pdf, you definitely won't find one in the store!


Well, what kind of romantic evening without dessert? We offer you a dessert option that anyone can cook. Delicious, pleasant and easy — bananas in chocolate.

To do this, you will need two bananas, a bar of dark chocolate and 1 cup of roasted peanuts.

What you need to do: cut each banana into 3-4 pieces, melt the chocolate (in a water bath or in a microwave), chop the nuts, but not to the state of crumbs. Pieces of bananas are planted on wooden sticks (you can buy them at any store), dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in chopped nuts. And then put it on baking paper or foil and send it to the refrigerator. It turns out banana-chocolate ice cream with nuts.

P.s. A water bath is when you put pieces of chocolate in a bowl, and put the bowl itself in a pot of boiling water. But so that the water does not reach the edge of the bowl, of course.


Enjoy your appetite and have an equally pleasant Valentine's Day. Love each other!

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