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7 simple rules that add 10 years of life

02 May 2023, 07:27, parser
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To be honest, I bought into the title. Who would not like to learn another secret of a long life, backed up by scientific factors and research by Canadian scientists. After reading the text, I realized that these miracle steps are known to everyone, but, for some reason, only a few follow them. Therefore, consider this a simple reminder that a long and healthy life is right under our noses, and we continue to stubbornly ignore it.

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The research was conducted by cardiologist Dr. Clyde Yancey and presented his results at the opening ceremony of the Congress on Cardiovascular Problems in Vancouver. In his opinion, people following 7 simple steps can live 90-100 years without any special health problems.

The research is based on statistical data on the population of Canada (health status, life expectancy, etc.). Since our standard of living is much lower, it means that we need to monitor our health more carefully. Moreover, the rules do not require any additional costs.

1. Be active

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle steals at least 4 years of your life? In addition, such people increase their risk of developing heart disease and stroke twice. If you stay physically active, your mind will also be more alive (physical exercise is no less important than solving crosswords). This does not mean that everyone should get up at once and run to the queue for a gym membership (which would still be nice). Do not stick in place, even if there is a lot of work and everything is on fire. Work is not the meaning of your life. Moreover, as soon as you get sick and get out of order for a while, no one will wait for your recovery. You will simply be replaced with a newer element. Do not forget about yourself, walk a lot, walk, run, ride bicycles, go hiking.

I have a wonderful example of a group of pensioners «Health» who go out every day to stretch their bones under the guidance of a specially designated trainer for them. And there is an example of a crowd of pensioners who spend hours in queues at the polyclinic. It turns out that they have an interest club there, they go to the clinic to talk to each other and complain to doctors about life. Which of these groups do you think will be healthier in the end?

2. Monitor and control your cholesterol level

High cholesterol leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Now the main question — do you know your cholesterol level in the blood? When was the last time you went to the doctor (the dentist does not count) and took a blood test?

3. Stick to a healthy diet

Thank God we have products that fall under the category of healthy food, you can easily find on the market at grandmothers at very reasonable prices. To do this, it is not necessary to go to an expensive boutique with organic products. Only grandmothers should also be tested (especially if it concerns dairy and meat products). Again, it has already been proven that a healthy diet can be very tasty. Less fried and fatty, more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes!

4. Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure is often called a "silent killer". It often does not give any symptoms, but the results of a careless attitude to one's health can be very deplorable. Knowing your blood pressure and consulting with a doctor will allow you to regulate it in the right direction.

5. Try to stick to a healthy weight

Overweight is another common cause of cardiovascular diseases (and not only!). To determine how the weight is normal for you, you can use tables that determine the ratio of height and weight (plus you need to take into account the bone mass, the percentage of fat in your body, etc.). There are a lot of these systems and you can choose for yourself exactly the one that suits you best. In general, a healthy weight is one in which you feel good both physically and psychologically.

6. Control your blood sugar

Diabetes mellitus increases the risk of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke. We will not remember about other equally pleasant risk factors that diabetes mellitus adds. Do not forget about type 2 diabetes (acquired).

7. Give up smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. On all the packs it is written in huge letters that smoking can cause lung cancer, but they still do not refuse it. More than 37,000 Canadians die prematurely each year from smoking. In Russia, about 332,000 people die from smoking every year, in Ukraine - 37,000. I cannot say that the data on Russia and Ukraine correspond to reality, but I think that the real figures may be even higher. Add to this figure a couple of thousand deaths from secondhand smoke and the picture becomes even less pleasant. I don't know what is scarier — to kill yourself slowly, being perfectly aware of it, or to understand that after you you can take away a few more people who shared your passion with you «, inhaling cigarette smoke.

Yes, some of our cities are far ahead of Canadian cities in terms of pollution, but for some reason our people ignore the standard norms of a healthy and happy life even more. If the craving for self-destruction is in our blood, then to these 7 points we need to add the 8th — mandatory training of the will to live and positive thinking. In this case, the American «Keep smiling» no longer sounds so funny and takes on a slightly different meaning.

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