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About Everything Wiki » Health » 5 ways to save your weekend from the internet

5 ways to save your weekend from the internet

02 May 2023, 07:18, parser
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The Internet continues to erase borders and a significant part of our work can be done online for a long time. On the one hand, this is good and saves time on the way to the office. On the other hand, we stop drawing the boundaries of the working day, we leave ourselves something to finish for the weekend. A weekend is a time to relax and take a break from work, socialize with family and spend time with friends. To make the weekend bright, there is one simple solution — not to use the Internet. But it's still a little stress, which definitely won't do any good. Therefore, it is necessary to limit surfing on the Network, but not just by time.
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So, a few quite obvious and doable tips that will definitely add to your positive feelings from the weekend.

1.Check your email only twice a day, morning and evening

No matter what anyone says, there is an element of habituation in e-mail. This is especially noticeable when you are waiting for an important letter. If there is a need to check your mail, do it twice during the weekend — in the morning and in the evening. Read it, but don't try to answer. Move the response emails to Monday, add it to the tasks and forget about it.

2.Do not use the Internet for work purposes

You can use different browsers for this. For example, for work I use, for the most part, Chrome. And Safari is used much less often, so I can use it without being distracted by bookmarks and notes taken on weekdays.

3.Turn off the mobile phone

Trying to use the Internet via a smartphone is a bad idea. In addition, you may be distracted by work calls. And your loved ones will be annoyed if you dig into your phone during a family dinner. Turn it off for the weekend and you will see how much time is available! And those who need you urgently can always contact you by email or in messengers.

4.Spend as little time as possible in social networks

Being in the background on Facebook* is a great distraction. Social media eats up a lot of your weekend time. Don't let them do the same with the weekend! The best solution would be not to hang out on Facebook* and Twitter at all on the weekend. Or, at least, devote as little time as possible to social networks.

5.Disconnect the landline phone

If there is an opportunity, then for complete happiness you should turn off your home phone. No one will wake you up earlier than necessary and work cases will definitely not get you. If you decide to comply with the previous points, of course.

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