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Warm-up for the mind

02 May 2023, 07:12, parser
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Hello, friends!

Every day we do hundreds, thousands of different movements — brush our teeth, type on the keyboard, walk. But sometimes, after a few hours of boring sitting in one place, I really want to move. Of course, in most cases you should just get up and walk, but sometimes the pause was only for a couple of minutes, and you want to do something. So, how can you have fun quickly and unusually, and most importantly, dynamically?

1. Swap hands

What you do habitually with your right hand (for example, using a mouse-type manipulator), do with your left hand and vice versa. You will quickly notice that the brain cannot cope with such a seemingly simple job. We will leave talking about the hemispheres for later, but today, try brushing your teeth with another, unusual hand. As they say, feel the difference.

2. Tie your shoelaces without using your fingers

What? Simple? Try to start — five minutes of fun are provided for you. You can even arrange a competition with your office friends — who will tie the laces faster without thumbs.

3. Engage in penspinning

Penspinning is not a way to catch a pike with a ballpoint pen, it is a real art to rotate this very pen in your fingers. Here, look at how a professional does it:

The author of this note himself was engaged in penspinning at one time and is ready to state with full responsibility — this is a very entertaining entertainment for an office worker. Twisting the handle in your fingers, you not only flex your fingers great, but also take a break from routine work.

4. Start playing a musical instrument

It is not necessary to attach a piano to work — it is enough to buy a small synthesizer and come off for keyboard lessons. You not only stretch your fingers and brain, but also practice music. It's great, isn't it?

In addition to the piano, you can play a small guitar — ukulele. This is a real guitar, although it is four-stringed and with a shorter beaker (only 12 frets are working).

5. Learn the language of the deaf and dumb

The language of the deaf and dumb is a completely unique phenomenon. The author of this note still cannot forget how he had to soak his fingers in cold water after a short conversation with a deaf-mute man. But the deaf-mute people themselves do not experience any inconvenience — the speed of communication « on the fingers » is an order of magnitude faster than the speed of voice communication (even Tina Kandelaki is at least ten times behind). Communication in the language of the deaf and dumb (there are a lot of them, by the way, in the world) not only trains the fingers, but also develops the brain great.

At work, you can try to learn the language of the deaf and dumb using a multimedia program.

These are the ways to have fun in the workplace I know? And how do you rest dynamically, friends?

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