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About Everything Wiki » Health » 7 Ways to Wake up without Caffeine

7 Ways to Wake up without Caffeine

02 May 2023, 07:10, parser
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The hand on the clock has passed 2 hours, half of the working day has passed. I'm terribly sleepy, and work turns into a monotonous flow of information that is no longer perceived. Not everyone can drink coffee in large quantities, and the effect may be delayed. Here are 7 ways to cheer up without caffeine, especially without breaking away from the workflow.

1. Resetting the nap

There are only a few hours left until the end of work, and your productivity is far from what it was at the beginning of the working day. How to relieve drowsiness? Very simple! To do this, you need to sit in a comfortable chair or chair and hold in one hand some thing that you don't mind dropping. When falling, it should create enough noise to wake you up if you accidentally dozed off.

2. Micro-projects

Sometimes spend a few minutes on some interesting micro-projects (these may be your personal projects that are not related to your main job). This will allow your brain to shake itself up and start working monotonously again.

3. Stretching

Where do office workers spend most of their working hours? That's right, in a chair at a desk and a computer. Tear off your fifth point for a few minutes and perform a couple of basic exercises that will help relieve tension and remove lethargy. And it's good for your health, and it will take off your drowsiness like a hand!

4. Competitive games

Competitive games are a great way to shake yourself up and dope your brains. Especially good are games that include competitions, strategy and social interaction. For example, WeeWar.

5. Liquid

Your brain needs water to function properly. Mayo Clinic recommends three types of replenishment of the body's water reserves:

  • Recovery. The idea of how to replenish the liquid reserves that you lose during the working day. An adult loses about a liter of water every day — evaporation through the skin, breathing, etc. That is, you need to estimate approximately how much fluid you are losing and just replenish its reserves in time.
  • 8 to 8. 8 ounces of water 8 times a day (about two liters) — a very easy way to remember how much water you need to drink approximately during the day.
  • The prescribed amount. Here you will need a doctor with whom you can discuss in detail how much fluid you need to drink per day. The doctor will make the decision taking into account your weight, age, gender and health status.

At 4 p.m., drinking a cup of water will give you much more energy than a cup of coffee.

6. Friend-phone

Call your friends for a couple of minutes to discuss an upcoming meeting, weekend plans, or just chat about something fun and interesting. This will switch your attention, will not take much time and you will get positive emotions plus a bonus piece of cheerfulness that will help finish the job.

7. Exercises

If there is a sports complex, a swimming pool or at least a park near your office, then you just need to take advantage of this. It will be much easier to get to work after lunch classes. A walk at lunchtime was also not canceled by anyone — a wonderful way to reboot the brain and body.

And what do you do in order to throw off a nap, reboot your brain and get back to work with renewed vigor?

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