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About Everything Wiki » Health » "New Year": how not to sleep and not to yawn on New Year's Eve

"New Year": how not to sleep and not to yawn on New Year's Eve

02 May 2023, 07:06, parser
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I don't know about you, but I rarely go to bed before 1-2 o'clock in the morning, but on New Year's Eve at 10-11 I'm terribly sleepy — all this alcohol, food and gloomy concerts on TV make themselves felt. If you haven't flown to the NG club, where you just won't fall asleep, then regular coffee will help you stay awake at home, but only if you drink it correctly!

If you have instant coffee, then pour it into the toilet bowl drain tank — this will color the water and coolly refresh the toilet :) To begin with, give yourself a good espresso machine - this is a very necessary and useful thing.

What is the best way to "supply" the body with caffeine so as not to sleep all night?

The blog article about coffee says that you don't need to drink a lot of coffee, even espresso or ristretto to give yourself cheerfulness.

Brew a couple of shots of espresso and divide into 4-5 parts and at intervals of an hour just pour the drink into yourself. You will definitely not fall asleep at night, but then you will definitely sleep.

There is also a more gentle way for those who do not allow themselves such a "coffee binge".

If the preparations before the holiday took you a lot of days and nights and you came to the holiday itself with an extremely tired state, then there is a way to recover in just 15 minutes, but you can recommend it to very healthy people. REMEMBER! Excessive lack of sleep involves very expensive reserves of the body. I like to call this method "Berserker" :)

We'll need a cup of espresso. It is assumed that you are falling off your feet, and therefore drink coffee in one gulp and lie down, close your eyes and fall asleep, but! set the alarm for 15-20 minutes.

Exactly after this time, coffee begins to act especially actively in the intestines and waking up from the alarm clock will be very easy. So you get into the rem sleep phase and your head will sort of clear up and you will feel like you've had enough sleep. The main thing is not to "overdo it" — do not reach 30 minutes, then you will get into the phase of a long sleep and waking up will be fucking hard, it will be torture. The body, of course, will not rest from such a short sleep, but the head will refresh.

Have a nice holiday and take care of your health.

And also, we have a tip: How to get rid of a hangover with coffee.

The material is based on the best coffee blog in Runet.

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