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About Everything Wiki » Productivity » How to overcome the habit of postponing everything for later

How to overcome the habit of postponing everything for later

02 May 2023, 10:39, parser
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Remember the old saying "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"? It is just right for our case, but apart from it we want to offer you a few more tips with which we will try to overcome the habit of delaying things.

Set aside time to complete tasks
Very often it seems that there is simply no time to do things. This is the wrong approach. We need to find the time! Plan in advance and allocate 30 minutes, an hour or as much as necessary to complete a specific task. For example, schedule that you do housework on Saturday mornings.

If you have thought about it, then it should be done
Otherwise, most likely you will either just forget about it, or put it on the to-do list and thus postpone the case. Nothing can be better than to immediately do what came to your mind.

Use a timer
Set the time on it at your discretion, when it comes out, then check yourself: are you doing exactly what you planned?

Don't take on multiple cases at once
This will only lead to the fact that all the cases will not be completed on time. Take turns doing things, focusing only on what you are doing.

Don't get distracted
Distraction from the case leads to its postponement. How many times have you said to yourself: "Now I'll check my mail for the last time and get down to business." Whenever possible, avoid anything that might distract you from work. Clean up the workplace. When working at a computer, open only the necessary programs.

Compare actions and goals
Is it worth settling down in front of the TV in the evening with another portion of food if your goal is to lose weight?

It will be quite difficult to win the fight against the habit of postponing for later. But the more difficult, the more interesting!

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