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How to cope with your shortcomings

02 May 2023, 07:05, parser
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I've thought more than once or twice that it's time to change this or that trait in myself, because I don't like it, or worse, it interferes with life. There are a lot of tips on how to do this and I do not offer anything new, but I think that it is possible and necessary to listen to the thoughts of Joel Falconer.

  1. Identify the problem area
    Create a list of what you would like to fix in yourself. Don't make entries too general, like «I need to do something with my leaking health ». No, as with goals, it is necessary to deal with shortcomings with specifics. Write down «I want to lose weight» or «I quit smoking».
  2. Identify the behavior that leads to problems
    It is very important to find a behavior model that leads to the manifestation of a disadvantage. For example, if you are prone to spontaneous purchases, you should determine the situation that pushes for such purchases. Think about whether it's enough for you to just get into the store, or whether something specific especially strongly inclines you to spend thoughtlessly. Perhaps going to the store with a small amount enough for the planned list of products will save you from spending that you would have done if you had your plastic cards with you.
    A possible solution may be to allocate daily or weekly amounts, strictly fixed, in order to limit uncontrolled expenses. An example of such a system is the method of «4 Envelopes «.
  3. Determine the reason
    This step can be extremely difficult, because it is not so easy to honestly isolate the true reason for your behavior. But sometimes it is obvious, as in the case of a plump homeworker who is constantly seduced by a refrigerator standing a few steps away. The reasons for other shortcomings may be buried much deeper, for example, it may be an attempt to avoid unpleasant thoughts, contacts or something similar. In other words, the reason may be material, or it may be emotional, and by no means obvious.
  4. Study the problem
    Armed with a reason and a model of behavior, consider the problem from all sides. For example, before quitting smoking, get acquainted with the experience of other quitters, study the difficulties that hindered them, back up your decision by viewing pictures of lungs affected by cancer.
  5. Write down possible solutions
    List well-known solutions that are not so difficult to find on the Web, while paying attention not only to the mass nature of the solution, but rather to how well the solution suits you. Do not pick up everything that is bad, otherwise the list will tend to infinity, and you will lose time and attitude.
    Add what you can come up with yourself: despite the fact that such a solution has not yet been tested by anyone, it can motivate you more, and take into account your character and the reasons that led you to this problem.
  6. Try
    Take the time to try each of the solutions. Don't be too hasty — it is necessary to allocate enough time for the effect to manifest. If you are satisfied with the results, continue using this solution. If not — move on to the next one.
  7. Analyze it
    Check regularly how successful you are. Do not break into a closed door — change a solution that does not work. Make sure there are results, aren't they too weak? Maybe it's worth trying another method, because you have gained a new experience?

Don't try to do everything at once. Solve problems one by one.

Based on How to Fix a Trouble Area in Your Life [ Joel Falconer ]

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