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About Everything Wiki » Health » 8 Simple Ways Not to Overeat at the Festive table

8 Simple Ways Not to Overeat at the Festive table

27 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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1. Do not sit down at the table hungry

Skipping breakfast or lunch seems like a good way to reduce the number of calories you eat per day. But such a strategy will only increase hunger, and at the festive table you risk putting more food on your plate than necessary. In addition, by ignoring meals, you may feel Perils of Skipping Meals / University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc. lack of energy, fatigue and headache. Try to stick to a regular meal schedule, even during the holidays. Ideally, you need Perils of Skipping Meals / University of Louisville Research Foundation Inc. there is once every 4-6 hours. If you do not have enough time for a full meal due to household chores, make a light snack of vegetables or fruits.

2. Don't rely on the January diet

Many people do not limit themselves to eating during the holidays in the hope of losing weight in January. This diet is called "Yo-yo": a person loses weight, then gains it again. This approach can have a negative impact Mayo Clinic Minute: Why yo-yo dieting might be bad for your heart / Mayo Clinic on the work of the heart. Fortunately, you will feel better after you return to a healthy diet.

In addition, fat loss with such a diet leads to Appetite / National Eating Disorders Association leads to a decrease in the level of leptin, a hormone that signals satiety. As a result, a person will feel hungry longer, even if they have objectively overeated. This approach makes the January diet useless: the body will quickly replenish those kilograms that it has already got rid of.

The best option Diet and exercise / Mayo Clinic For those who want to lose weight, always stick to a balanced diet and add regular exercise to life.

3. Make a balanced menu

If you are celebrating the New Year at home, you can create a competent menu yourself. Add lean meat, light salads and fruits to it. Consider how many guests will be at the party, and do not cook in reserve. Firstly, when the table is full of snacks, the temptation to eat something delicious is greater, even if you are not hungry. Secondly, it is not possible to store food that will remain after New Year's Eve for so long. For example, the shelf life of meat and fish dishes does not exceed About the shelf life of ready meals at a catering company / Rospotrebnadzor 24 hours, and salads with mayonnaise - 12.

If you are going to visit and you do not have the opportunity to influence the menu, then offer to bring a couple of low-calorie dishes. Let's say you can make a festive stew of ground beef and vegetables or oatmeal pudding.

4. Eat a variety of food

Try to fill half of the plate with vegetables and fruits. This will help you feel full faster and reduce the number of calories. Eat slowly: the brain needs 5 Healthy Eating Tips for the Holidays / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at least 20 minutes for him to understand that you are full.

The New Year's table will feature traditional dishes that are rarely cooked at other times of the year. For example, salad olivier and herring under a fur coat. Eating everything at once is not the best idea. Instead, choose one or two favorite products and limit yourself to them.

5. Use small plates

The larger the dishes, the more likely it is that you will fill the entire space with food. And if you are one of the people who have been taught since childhood not to leave food, it is easy to overeat. Try using a smaller plate — if you feel hungry after eating, then fill it up again.

6. Choose your drinks wisely

It is advisable to limit alcohol, because it enhances Alcohol, Appetite and Loss of Restraint / National Library of Medicine appetite. In addition, alcoholic beverages are nutritious in themselves. There may be in a glass of wine Calories in alcohol / National Health Service (UK) there are as many calories as in a piece of chocolate, and a pint of lager is comparable in nutritional value to a pack of chips.

There is a lot of sugar in lemonades and soda. You may not even notice that you have drunk a few glasses. Sugary drinks can be replaced with low-calorie ones, such as iced tea, mineral water, kombucha. Another option is to prepare water with fruits. Experiment before the holidays to find your favorite flavor. For example, you can add lemon, basil, mint, cucumber, orange or parsley to the water.

7. Do not neglect physical activity

During the holidays, you may want to cancel training and completely give yourself up to rest. But some researchers believe Physical activity is good for your appetite, too / ScienceDaily that exercise helps not to overeat, because it makes it easier for the body to regulate appetite and eating behavior. Set aside time for them before the feast. Go to the ice rink, do yoga, or at least take a walk in the park.

During the feast, take breaks between meals, for example, dancing. The food is completely digested for several hours, and it is in the stomach How Long Does It Take to Digest Food / Cleveland Clinic 40-120 minutes. The more proteins and fats in foods, the longer the body will absorb them.

8. Don't be afraid to refuse

If you are being persuaded to try a dish at a party, try to gently refuse. For example, you can say: "I've heard that this salad is delicious, but I can't eat a single gram of food anymore." Find something that you can praise — for example, say that you liked the dessert, or mark the table setting. As a rule, such an answer is enough. If the persuasion continues, and you are afraid to offend the hosts of the evening, take a small portion.

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