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About Everything Wiki » DIY » How to wash windows without streaks: step-by-step instructions

How to wash windows without streaks: step-by-step instructions

29 May 2023, 14:00, parser
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Find the right time

It is best to do this when direct sunlight does not fall on the glass, but it is light enough outside. Early morning, time before sunset, cloudy day will do. Otherwise, because of the sun, cleaning solutions will dry out faster than you have time to wipe them, and it will not be possible to wash windows without streaks on the glasses.

It is also worth looking at the weather forecast and postponing washing if it is going to rain. Or limit yourself in this case to wiping the windows from the inside.

Prepare inventory

If you decide to do with a classic set, you will need:

  • sponge for wiping the frame and window sills;
  • reusable napkins or rags to wash the glasses;
  • microfiber cloth to polish the glass for shine without streaks;
  • a bucket or other container for soap solution.

And if you want to speed up the process or make it more technologically advanced, additional tools will come to the rescue:

  • Rubber scraper. This thin rubber plate on the plastic handle serves to remove excess cleaning agent.
  • A brush on a telescopic handle. Most often, on one side she has a regular sponge, and on the other — wrapped in microfiber. This brush is useful when you need to wash a very large window or the outside of the glass, where you can not reach. If there is no special brush for windows, you can use a floor mop.
  • Magnetic brush. It consists of two halves, which are placed on the outer and inner sides of the glass and "hold" each other thanks to magnets. Thus, the brush on the outside repeats all the movements that you do from the inside, and the window becomes clean on both sides. Perfect cleanliness outside with the help of this device can not be achieved, but you can simplify your task a little.
  • Automatic windscreen wiper. He sprays the cleaning agent himself and sucks up the remaining liquid along with dirt and dust. In theory, the washing process should become easier and faster, but reviews of such devices are not always good, some users complain of divorces. And such a cleaner costs more than 4,000 rubles.
  • Washing robot. It is attached to the glass with magnets or suction cups and cleans the window itself, like a robot vacuum cleaner. You can also control the washer from your smartphone. The only serious drawback is the price, which exceeds 15 thousand rubles. However, for owners of apartments with huge panoramic windows, the cost is quite reasonable. It's still cheaper than calling a cleaning service regularly, and much easier than spending hours on self-washing.

Choose cleaning products

You can take a standard store-bought glass cleaner or prepare a homemade solution for windows and pour it into a bottle with a spray gun. For a home remedy, you will need to mix water and table vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1.

And to wash the frames and window sills, especially outside, you can prepare a soap solution by adding a few drops of liquid soap to a container of warm water. A bucket of soap solution can be replaced with a universal surface cleaner. The main thing is to check that it is suitable for the material from which the window frames are made: plastic or wood.

Remove all unnecessary

Rearrange the flowers from the windowsill, remove or lift the roller blinds and blinds. Ideally, it also does not hurt to wipe them with a damp cloth.

Wash the frames and fittings

If you wash the glass first, and then the frame, streaks and streaks may remain on a clean window.

Therefore, first apply a soap solution or a universal remedy to the sponge and walk all over the frame , including from the ends. Do not forget to wipe the handles and pay special attention to the inner corners between the glass and the frame — a lot of dirt accumulates there.

Clean the dirt

If the window is heavily soiled, especially from the outside, before wiping it with a glass cleaner, it is better to use soap and water.

Wipe the surface with a sponge with soap solution, then with a sponge soaked in water, and remove the remaining liquid with a dry reusable cloth, a dry sponge or a rubber window scraper.

Polish the glass to a shine

Apply a glass cleaner to a reusable napkin and wipe the surface with circular movements, moving from the edges to the center. Then walk over the glass with a microfiber cloth to remove excess funds and stains. Repeat if it was not possible to achieve cleanliness the first time.

To wash the outside of the window, use a telescopic or magnetic brush. Remember about your safety. If you live high up, and the window is large and does not open, it would be better to seek the services of cleaning services or industrial climbers.

Don't forget about mosquito nets

Dirt from them gets on the glass, and they get dirty faster, so it's better to wash the nets too. One of the ways to remove dirt particles, dead midges and plant seeds from them is to use a sticky roller for clothes or ordinary tape.

You can also apply a cleaning agent to the grids and walk over them with a stiff brush.

Wash the window sill

It is better to do this last, since dust, dirt and liquids will get on it during the washing process.

When the window is clean, wash the window sill with a sponge with soap solution or a suitable cleaning agent, and then wipe dry.

Put the flowers back and hang or lower the curtains.

Bonus: 4 life hacks that will make it easier to wash windows

1. Apply the S-technique

Apply a soap solution to the glass, take a rubber scraper and remove the soap with S-shaped movements from the edges to the center, moving from top to bottom. This sequence will help to wash the windows without streaks and achieve a brilliant result.

2. Use water with vinegar for the glasses

The American expert on cleanliness guidance, Martha Stewart, recommends first wiping the windows with a solution of water and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1, then remove the excess and only then take up store-bought glass products.

If you do everything in this sequence, the glasses will be cleaner and more sparkling.

There is also another variant of the solution:

  • ½ part of water;
  • ¼ part of table vinegar;
  • ¼ part of dishwashing detergent.

Experiment to determine which composition helps you achieve the desired result better.

3. Clean the inside of the frame with soda and vinegar

A lot of dirt is usually stuffed into the grooves where the window sash itself is inserted. If the frame has not been washed for a long time, it can be difficult to scrub these places properly.

Try to cheat: sprinkle the contaminated areas liberally with soda, pour table vinegar, wait until it finishes foaming, and remove everything with a rag. Some of the dirt will go away with the foam, and it will be easier to wash the frame.

4. Wipe the blinds with kitchen tongs

A lot of dust and dirt accumulates on the blinds plates, which is better to remove before washing the windows so that the work does not go to waste. But washing each plate is very tedious.

To simplify the task a little, you can take cooking tongs for serving dishes, wrap each half with a microfiber cloth or a reusable napkin and secure it with a stationery elastic band. With this design, it is convenient to wipe each plate of the blinds from both sides at once.


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